Yana Prydalna is a designer and visualization of interiors based in Sacramento, California. Although she’s still relatively new in this field and unknown in the design world, she already has a few designs that have catched our interest and attention due to its quality and distinctive style.

Under the name Yana Design Home, she shares her interior world through modernist and wabi-sabi interior designs. Her best known early work was ‘Quiet Space House’, a modern A-Frame Cabin in Lake Tahoe.

The renders of Yana Prydalna are of such high quality that it seems as if you can step inside and be part of her beautiful interiors. Her work’s philosophy is to design projects that are tailor-made for each individual client but always putting her soul and heart on them. She plays with the use of textures, colors and different versions of wabi-sabi style.

In this 13-questions-interview she explains to Decommunity a little more about her vision when it comes to tackling a project, reviews what her dreams are and what keeps her inspired. If you’re willing to meet Yana Prydalna a little bit more, you’re in the right place.

When did you start your career as an interior designer?

I started working as an interior designer at the age of 20. So I’ve been in this field for five years now.

When you look back, how do you feel about your first project?

If I’m honest, I’m very ashamed of what I started to do (it certainly can not be shown to anyone). But I have worked very hard to get to the moment where I am now: very happy with my projects and happy for the good reception they are getting.

How would you describe your work?

I love my work and my projects so I can’t say that I work, I can say that I live.

Home in the forest by Yana Prydalna
Home in the Forest by Yana Prydalna

Why do you choose wabi-sabi as your predominant style?

I don’t know if my projects can be called Wabi-Sabi pure style. I create them from what is inside my soul. I love old things and things that have a soul: rough texture, worn vases… All this gives things a homely feel, so that people could say, this place is “Like at home”.

How is your creative process when you face a new space to be designed?

My process is very long and I have a long search for ideas. I often can not think for a long time what one angle of the room will look like and until I bring it to the ideal I will not go further. The main work is based on natural motives and I draw inspiration from nature.

Approving planning and sketching a conceptual idea in black and white gives the client an understanding of my idea. Then we start selecting furniture and materials in the process of creating interior visualization and concept. I hope to be able to tell more about my workflow on my Instagram soon.

Who are your references?

I am not equal to other designers and architects, although I know many of them. My inspiration is not from the field of design, but from the field of technology and space and the film industry. I’m interested in exploring people like Steve Jobs, Elon Musk and movie actors. I admire such people and I am proud of it. There I found a source of motivation and hard work to become what they became in the future.

What inspires you?

Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Sylvester Stallone and several boxers.

Golden Villa by Yana Prydalna
Golden Villa by Yana Prydalna

What can never be missing in an interior design?

No detail can be missed or ignored in the design of the space. Everything should be tied one by one. And it is very important to emphasize these details.

Your dreamy project

The project I have been dreaming about for a long time came to me not so long ago. And soon I will hire him, but not alone but with my team. I hope to share this in the future. There are no projects that I dream of – there are goals that I set and I know how to do so.

How do you feel about the growing success of your projects? Are you comfortable with fame?

I don’t even know …. I don’t consider myself one of the most popular designers in the world. So far I feel at an average level, maybe in the future it will be, who knows?

How is your relationship with social media? Do you think they have played a fundamental role in your career?

I think so. Now is the age of social networks and people practically live there. I don’t think it’s very good, but we have to move forward with time. After all, how would we know about each other?!

Rough Wabi Sabi by Yana Prydalna
Rough Wabi Sabi by Yana Prydalna

What is the best advice you have been given?

Never listen to anyone! It was the best I’ve heard before. Do not listen, so as not to drown out the internal energy that will be needed to achieve the goals.

How do you imagine yourself 5 years from now?

It all depends on my persistence. I have several goals that I have set for myself. If I manage to implement them then I think I will learn about it.

If you could only feed your creativity with one of your projects, which one would it be?

I think it would be something from my last project “Butterfly House” in Joshua Tree, California.