How many times have you heard that all the jewelry of the past comes back into fashion? Well, it’s a fact. If you were from the 2000’s, stay tuned because the well known “generation Z” is resurfacing again all the Y2K style decoration trends they had already lived. Don’t you know what we are talking about? Keep reading!

What’s generation Z and why are they fashionable?

Generation Z, centennials or born in 2000 are the young-adolescents who have already made their way into adulthood. So if you were born between 1995 and 2000… Welcome to your generation! 

This promotion is pure trend and they understand what it means to create style. Social media and virality is their thing, because they know how to make every move trendy. That’s why it’s not surprising that the 2000s or as they call it “Y2K” are back on trend, because the centennials have made their rooms the trendiest of the moment.

What’s the Y2K aesthetic based on?

The Y2K style is the explanation for many macro trends of the 2000s that resurface daily: bell-bottoms, analog cameras, vinyl in the decoration… 

Now it is the new generations who defend one of the styles that have had the greatest impact on popular culture. Therefore, the Y2K style decoration consists of rescuing the trends of the past and betting on a more urban style.

It is based on the ‘grunge‘ aesthetic, that is, styles of street and informal environments with a hint of rebelliousness. Opting for scruffy and casual shapes that match the personality of those born in the 2000’s: tolerant, active and open. How to apply this in our bedroom decoration? Let’s see it!

Y2K style decorating tips for your room

Your bedroom is your temple and that hasn’t changed even if you were born in 2000 or the 90. Since we were teenagers, our bedroom is our refuge and a place to find ourselves, right? Well, if you want to give it that grunge touch, take note of these tips!

  • Top Fan

Do you remember the MTV posters? It is the first key to Y2K style decoration. It doesn’t matter if it’s a singer, actor or influencer; the important thing is that you fill your wall with photos of the faces of the people you admire the most. You can even create a collage by adding your favorite illustrations and images. The good thing is that if you get bored with the routine, you can change the decor as you like. 

  • Passion for pink

Another trendy point of the centennials is the naive style, which is based on naivety, color and contrast. Pastel colors, diaries, photographs and lots of pink…. give the personal touch that every room of the 2000s needs! Remember that it is a generation overloaded with a lot of brightness and we love that. 

  • A dreamy touch

Butterflies are once again a key symbol of all our decorative details, whether jewelry boxes, rugs or lamps. We haven’t forgotten heart shapes either, ideal for mugs or mirrors. It’s all about finding the “dreamy” approach that 2YK aesthetics left us with. 

  • Cushions are never missing

Another style idea that the Z generation rescues for the Y2K style decoration of their bedrooms are the cushions with fun and different shapes. Here you have endless varieties to choose from, so …. Dare with everything! 

  • Set the mood

Candles have always been a top choice for any room, but to match more with the Y2K style decoration, those born in 2000 move away from conventional forms and opt for something more risky. For example: candles with sinuous shapes and, of course, always in pastel shades. Thus, romantic evenings are still guaranteed, but now with a new touch. 

  • Hanging parts

Decorative curtains are a must that we love and never go out of fashion. Moreover, they are now more modern than ever.  You can choose from different options according to your style: hanging plants, with colorful beads or all full of light bulbs with lights. 

They also have endless uses, you can combine it on your wall, as a door to your room or even as a door to your closet, a classic that is more trendy than ever!  

  • Neon lights

Another classic that never fails to decorate your bedroom Y2K style, and it was also super trendy in 2000, are the original neon lights

Give a touch of color to your room by choosing letter shapes with drawings to decorate any corner; or a more cheeky touch, adding them to the headboard of the bedroom. Another option that will always be trendy are neon lamps with different motifs: cactus, hearts, rays…. Anything goes! Also, if you want something original and unique, you can create your own phrase or drawing that defines you and have it in neon format. Fun, isn’t it?

Now that we’ve remembered the peak of those wonderful 2000’s with the centenarians, you can continue to create a unique style for your bedroom with more retro decor. Or maybe, completely change your style with something more glam…. variety is the spice of life! 

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