Wicker furniture indoors are the new decorative trend that is conquering all decolovers. The revival of natural materials has already established itself as the great necessity for a trendy interior design, and wicker is the star of this season. 

Our grandmothers already used wicker baskets, chairs and headboards. If we kept the original furniture from our grandparents’ beach houses, we could probably take advantage of many of the pieces to decorate our home right now and it would look very modern. 

Both wicker and other similar materials such as rattan are very versatile in terms of the possibilities of manipulation, being able to create numerous shapes and aesthetics. This has made them the protagonists of our decoration, not only in small pieces but also in furniture, being able to completely fill the spaces. 

The key is to mix the handmade with the current and modern to create an attractive interior design. Indoor wicker furniture is no longer reserved only for rustic and country styles, but it is a trend that has been adapting to all styles, including vintage, ethnic, Nordic or natural. 

But why is wicker so fashionable? Wicker furniture set indoor bring naturalness, warmth and elegance to any space in the house, which are also resistant and durable. In addition, it is an eco-friendly material based on natural fibers that respects the environment, as are jute, bamboo or rattan, the latter often compared to wicker itself. 

Is wicker or rattan better?

It is common that these two materials can be confused as both their aesthetics and qualities are very similar. However, wicker and rattan come from different origins and can bring different benefits to the decoration. 

First of all, rattan comes from Asia and is derived from the climbing palm tree, which makes it more solid and robust than wicker, as well as giving it greater resistance to humidity. Wicker, on the other hand, comes from a shrub native to Ancient Egypt and is a lighter and more flexible material. 

In fact, many of the furniture made of natural fibers usually combine these two materials to enhance their advantages and get more flexible and resistant pieces. 

Decorating with wicker

Wicker and rattan were already common materials in outdoor decoration but are increasingly gaining prominence in interiors as well, as they bring warmth and beauty. 

Can wicker furniture be used indoors?

The naturalness and elegance of wicker furniture indoors give spaces a homely and modern Mediterranean touch, both in living rooms and dining rooms, as well as in bathrooms and bedrooms. 

Their warmth and simplicity make them great allies of Nordic decoration. Combined with wood and white, they give the cozy touch that Nordic homes need, which can transmit some coldness and monotony if the details are not taken care of. 

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