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We are

We are

Everything worth in life, is worth sharing and that is why we have created Decommunity.

Decommunity is the meeting place for architects, designers, interior designers, decorators and dreamers. A worldwide community of more than 17,2 million people connected by the same way of seeing and living life.

When we decided to create Decommunity we had a clear mission: bring together our passion for interior design, arch, deco and travelling with our passion for marketing.

Marketing specialists

We are a team of marketing professionals with a proven record of helping brands increase their visibility and become more relevant on Instagram.

Do you want to know our secret? We have the best marketing strategy and we don’t mind sharing it with you: WE CARE.

We care about our community: we get to know them, we talk to them daily, we understand their needs, their fears and their aspirations. We like to look after them. They are not just followers or consumers, they are people looking for inspirations and we are here for them.

Decommunity team
Elena Trujillo CEO
Isabel Miralles Art director & Designer
Lledó Barberá Digital Marketing Manager
Marta Sánchez Digital Content Manager & Creative Copywriter
Mario Viana Sales Manager
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Welcome to your place. Welcome to Decommunity.

If you want to increase your brand’s sales and visibility you have come to the right place. Together we can make your dreams come true.

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