If your mood of life is based on appreciating the art of imperfection, keep reading, because your home needs the wabi-sabi style to complete your philosophy of life. 

What’s wabi-sabi style?

Before I tell you all of the tips for decorating your home based on wabi-sabi style, we want to answer some common questions about this item. For example: “What does wabi-sabi mean?” or “What does the phrase there is a form of beauty in imperfection mean?”

Well, this wabi-sabi philosophy comes directly from Japan and tries to explain 3 basic ideas from nature: nothing is permanent, nothing is perfect and nothing is complete. 

Elena Pechenkina

It also focuses on finding beauty within the imperfections of life and accepting the natural cycle of growth and decay. 

The important thing: to value the natural, to appreciate the passage of time and to understand the ephemeral nature of beauty. These are the keys that will lead you to success in this Japanese style.

Less is more

Have you ever heard of the saying “less is more”? Well, the wabi-sabi deco is based on this concept. We forget about sophistication or ostentation, and open ourselves to the world of simplicity.

The wabi-sabi style focuses on keeping only the essentials to be happy, leaving behind overloaded rooms or decorations, giving relevance to the simplicity of objects, the fusion of textures or neutral colors. All this may give you a cold feeling, but it is just the opposite; simplicity will bring a special quality to your home.

The interesting thing is that this style is very personal, so it’ll make you appreciate the value of everything. How do we translate this to our home? Here we go!

The wabi-sabi style in your home

From nature to your home

As mentioned above, this trend is inspired by nature, so it’s decoration materials have to remind you of it, such as: ceramics, marble, stone, glass, wood, vegetable fibers such as linen, cotton or wicker.

Also, the use of these materials both when decorating and in the furniture of your home, will allow you to breathe nature in all the rooms of your house. Try it and you will see! 

Warion Taipei

Earth tones 

Muted colors will give the warm touch that your home needs, we don’t need intense or bright colors. Brown, black, gray and olive green tones are the protagonists of the wabi-sabi style. 

And if you need to give a little color to your life… Don’t worry! Light colors such as sand tones, off-whites or pastel colors such as sky blue, mint or peach, are more than accepted and fit perfectly with this style of decoration.

Creates atmophere  

The wabi-sabi philosophy seeks to create intimate atmospheres that recreate a cozy atmosphere in order to give peace and warmth to your home.

It’s important to give prominence to natural light during the day, since at night we’ll focus on highlighting small and important spaces of the house with lights.

How do we achieve this? For example with hanging lamps or spot lights that illuminate a painting, a plant or a vase. Feel like Dalí contemplating his work of art!

Your perfect order with wabi-sabi style

Wabi sabi decoration doesn’t understand order or perfection…But be careful, neither does it understand disorder! The idea is that you order in such a way that you feel it’s your perfect order.  

Remember: We forget the occidental appeal, with its standards of beauty, because here there are no perfect forms or a logical order. A vase in the middle of a countertop, in the wabi-sabi style, can be perfectly in a corner or even on the floor. Everything is accepted!

Gláuber Sampaio

Bring your home to life

Now that we have all the tips… Let’s start decorating! How to achieve this style? We are going to give you some top examples of wabi-sabi deco.

We start with the fusion of textures on the walls, this will enhance the wabi-sabi effect and give a touch of warmth and nature to your home. As well as the pendant lamp, with an aged color, recreating the idea of the passage of time. totally perfect for your wabi-sabi bedroom!

Instead of placing the cushions on the sofa, why don’t you add a few on the floor? This way you will get that Japanese touch we are looking for, as well as fun. 

Another trick to give a touch of wabi-sabi to your home, is to add nature to your living room with irregular wooden logs to turn them, for example, into tables. Anything else? Go for mirrors with creative shapes, no perfect circles, anything goes! 

Isn’t it true that this small space is full of warmth and simplicity? And the few objects in this environment bring peace of mind just by looking at them. You don’t need anything else on your terrace: an off-white sofa on a wooden or stone floor; or ceramic vases, large and simple, even if they are irregular or unfinished. 

Fact: if you choose them with the color of the ceramic… They are totally wabi-sabi style! In addition, they are perfect to place exotic plants and give vivacity to your space. Go for different styles of vases and play with irregular heights.

Don’t forget to recreate meditation corners in your home. You can use a candle, your favorite incense or a small wooden stool to place whatever you want.  Create harmonious and intimate atmospheres, without too much light and? let the relaxation begin!

And if you want a top tip, for the wabi-sabi trend, go for a natural wood bathroom with a stone sink and a couple of large bamboo candle holders placed on the floor. Exotic and spiritual!

Brick walls with peeling paint or old wooden planks are totally complementary to the wabi-sabi style. In your kitchen, you can add vintage elements such as a rug. Ah! And remember that wood is an essential element, so bowls or bowls of this material will be ideal. What do you think?  

Outdoor bathrooms are becoming more and more trendy, and it is a total idyll of nature. Our advice? Go for stones and wood, this will make you feel in the middle of the savannah instead of in your own home.

Another good idea is to complement your bathroom with a wooden staircase and recreate charming corners. To finish giving the essence of wabi-sabi decoration, add linen or cotton towels to the staircase, to achieve a softer atmosphere. 

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