The Balinese landscape is always an exquisite starting point for any architectural project because of its naturalness, its colorfulness and the orographic conditions of the environment that pose a motivating challenge. 

Villa Sabta Bayuh is undoubtedly a clear example of the integration of a 100% European style design to the Balinese geographical conditions. 

This villa of 1125 m2 was posed as a challenge due to a difference of 16 meters in height between the upper part of the plot and the lower part, which meant that the entire design was oriented towards balancing this unevenness. 

View of the swimming pool of this lovely Mediterranean-style villa, Villa Sabta Bayuh
Sukyf Architects

Another key that Sukyf architectural studio wanted to value when they carried out this project was the respect for local building traditions, including forms, practices and materials, without losing sight of the objective of creating a Mediterranean-style villa. This aesthetic and cultual contrast is perfectly reflected in the final result and gives the villa a unique character. 

A house to live both outside and inside

Villa Sabta Bayuh is located in a residential area under development in the neighborhood of Tumbak Bayuh. Specifically, the plot has 1550 m2 and the villa is distributed on 3 different levels. 

The outdoor area is shown with a contemporary design that contrasts with an imposing garden at the entrance that frames the fabulous swimming pool, which is placed as a vital piece of the project, overflowing towards the river and the rice fields. 

The outside of Villa Sabta Bayuh
Sukyf Architects

With this design, the pool blurs the boundary between inside and outside, expanding and multiplying the experiences of the house. Directly from the entrance, the visitor accesses the interior of the house where they encounter an iconic natural environment that merges with the elements of the water fountain. 

This visitor experience is one of the main objectives that Sukyf architects set out to achieve when devising the design, as the orchestration of views, sequencing of spaces and ease of movement through the property are the three pillars that characterize their projects. 

Villa Sabta Bayuh: dreamlike views

A landscape such as the one offered by the location of Villa Sabta Bayuh cannot be wasted, therefore, the architects have worked to ensure that the project prioritizes wide panoramic views, offering a relaxing and natural environment without losing the feeling of privacy and isolation. 

A view of the exterior facade of the incredible Villa Sabta Bayuh
Sukyf Architects

Mediterranean interior with Balinese essence

The layout of the villa on several levels has generated different ceiling heights, which have been used to create a playful atmosphere in the interior spaces.

Likewise, the Balinese stones are one of the star elements both inside and outside the house and the composition of the windows contributes to create a surprising play of shadows that is complemented by the ceiling lighting, especially at night. 

Again, the large glass doors blur the line between inside and outside, allowing the fresh air to be enjoyed.

Details of the interior of Villa Sabta Bayuh
Sukyf Architects

The interior decoration, with its eclectic aesthetics, offers an elegant and Mediterranean look that is a hallmark of the Sukyf architectural team, led by Mersuka Dopazo. 

In this way, once again Sukyf has demonstrated its exquisite talent for balancing functionality and aesthetics, blurring the boundaries between interiors and exteriors and resulting in a timeless, elegant and unique design. 

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