Our home has become more than ever our particular refuge, the place where we feel safe and in harmony. This last year we have been forced to spend more time at home, so we have learned to appreciate more clearly the spaces of our home and the comfort of our house. This is why interior design has begun to prioritise our well-being and day-to-day comfort. Thus, the trends decor 2021 is directed towards the tranquillity of the home, the cozy spaces and the connection with nature.  

What does our home need to follow the Trends Decor 2021?

In this sense, the materials that will predominate in our homes this coming year are natural materials such as wood, metal, terrazzo or leather, with some peculiarities that will make our home a comfortable but glamorous space. 

Light wood gives way to darker tones with the aim of giving the home an halo of modern luxury and sophistication. This combined with metals such as brass or nickel, which have a more industrial appearance, will add an extra touch of glamour to the furniture. 

On the other hand, the bright colours on walls and decorative details will make the difference, predominating the wallpaper with vegetable motifs and the terrazzo tiles with bright colours. In particular, the shades that will be worn this new year in decoration continue to show a predominance of white but combined with colours that illuminate and remind us of nature such as pinks, yellows, purples, greens or blues. 

In short, the naturalness of the materials and the details of ethnic and artisan aesthetics will be the protagonists of the Trends Decor 2021.

Which decorative styles will starring the interior design trends in 2021

Taking all these trends into account, the decorative styles that will be most successful in 2021 are

Natural style

The obvious intention to connect the human being with nature, also in the home, is going to cause this style based on natural and organic material to take on a major role and become an Inrterior design Trend in 2021.

Wooden floors, the use of stone, the use of natural light or the predominance of plant life in the home are some of the main characteristics of this style. The aim is to create spaces that remind us of the outside world and bring us closer to nature.

Japandi style

The Japandi is a blend of Nordic and Japanese style, combining the modern look of Scandinavian design and the timeless elegance of Japanese aesthetics. 

Minimalism and the importance of creating functional spaces with few pieces of furniture are the essential aspects of these styles. 

Industrial style

The industrial style is characterised by exposed brick walls, metal shelves, wood and exposed pipes, which fits in with the premise of the predominance of natural materials, that define the new trends for 2021.

As for the furniture, it is usually simple and discreet, giving special importance to architectural features. 

Nordic style

The Nordic style remains a trend but with some peculiarities. The taste for white walls continues to emphasize light and the neutral colour palette but with a much more marked touch of colour than in previous years. 

Natural textures such as wood and stone are kept as a base to achieve the elegantly minimalist aesthetic that defines this style. 

Modern Rustic Style

The rustic style is marked by an eclectic aspect that emphasizes nature, through recycled, handmade articles and handicrafts of natural materials and shades. 

The beams, columns, floors and furniture are mainly made of wood or stone, combined with metal and other materials such as natan, cotton, wool, glass or clay. 

Vintage style

In the Vintage style, Art Deco or classic furniture predominates with an updated touch, thanks to contemporary materials and textures and a more boho look. 

Wabi Shabi

In this style the key is to highlight the beauty of the old worn-out look. Contract textures with many patterns and colours are also a must in this style, which fits in perfectly with the new decorative standards.


What do you think of the new trends for 2021? Do they fit in with the style of your home? Keep an eye on our magazine and our profiles on Instagram so that we can continue to inspire you and tell you about all the new things.