Travel in summer 2021 will be possible, but restrictions remain in place. Covid-19 still affecting our choice of destination, but it is no longer holding us back. Shall we go?

Travel in summer 2021 will continue to be a headache for those free spirits who are determined to leave their countries during the vacations. The easiest and most comfortable option will be again, as it happened last summer, domestic tourism and more specifically rural options.

Will it be possible to travel in summer 2021: Yes, but…

The pandemic continues to mark the way we travel. Covid deprives us of the purest essence of the act of traveling: freedom. Travel is freedom at its purest, but for the past two years we have seen how clipping our wings was the best thing to do for the greater good. 

However, this summer seems to shed some light on the most intrepid wanderlusters. Measures such as mass vaccinations, the relaxation of entry restrictions and the lifting of measures within the countries themselves, invite us to dream again of traveling abroad.

The answer to whether it will be possible to travel this summer is yes, but with some “buts”. 

Domestic travel, rediscover your nation

Travelers who travel domestically will have to consult the preventive measures of the area they are visiting and study them in order to enjoy the experience to the fullest. For example, in Spain there are different time restrictions depending on the community in which you are.

In the rest of the world, domestic tourism has also become an economic hope to alleviate the effects of Covid-19. A clear example is Thailand, an emerging country whose main source of income was foreign tourism. Now the country dedicates more than $700 million to promoting domestic tourism.

Within domestic tourism, perceived “Covid-free” options will be the most desirable. Not surprisingly, places with a low incidence of the disease attract a greater number of visitors. 

Travel this summer will be mostly domestic, due to the complexity of keeping up with changing international travel restrictions.

When you think about it, domestic tourism, in this situation, is all about advantages. Traveling within your own country this summer will uncover areas you probably never would have known about.

In addition, you will contribute to improve the economy and preserve health. Remember chances of spreading the virus increase as our mobility increases. As we were saying, it’s all advantages…

Getting away from the hustle and bustle the Covid 

Rural tourism will be the big winner this travel season. Getting lost in the mountains away from it all has never been so appealing.

The most sought-after accommodations are those located in the middle of nature but which also provide an extra: gastronomy, additional services such as spa, leisure activities…

For example, bubble hotels which are a fantastic option not only for Valentine’s Day but for 365 days of the year.

Villas with swimming pool are the star option as far as accommodations are concerned. Having the whole house to yourself gives security in terms of health, and taking a dip without the hustle and bustle, sounds irresistible.

However, although domestic and rural tourism will be the most in demand this year, no one wants to give up the sea. Coastal areas will continue to attract travelers, although most of them will be nationals.

Get lost on a desert island… 

To get lost, nothing like an island. We have all dreamed of relaxing in the shade of a palm tree, on white sand and contemplating a horizon of turquoise waters.

Some lucky ones will have such an environment within their own country, such as the Greeks and the Filipinos, lucky them!

Others will have to decide whether their visit to paradise can wait, or whether this past year has created a sense of urgency.

The islands, historically, have been more resistant to pandemics precisely because of their geographical location, which tends to make them less accessible.

In fact, what would normally be a disadvantage is now an advantage. Covid-19 has a much more difficult time reaching the islands and it shows. The perfect example are the British Virgin Islands, with only 1 death from Covid and 289 infections since the health crisis began. That’s impressive, but here’s the bad news: their borders are closed.

Of course, this mind-blowing data is due to drastic measures like that.

In line with the above, we can not fail to recommend the Reuters site where you can check in real time, the incidence of the virus anywhere in the world. It is a must if you need data on the disease before traveling.

International travel, information will be vital

The fact that domestic tourism is the most chosen option this year does not mean that international destinations have been completely forgotten. Traveling internationally in summer 2021, simply involves a greater effort, both when choosing the destination and planning the trip.

The most popular international destinations this summer will be those that convey safety and security to travelers and offer ease of entry.

Places that communicate well about their current situation and measures will make travelers consider visiting them. The vaccination rate of the population and the security measures in place will be decisive.

On the other hand, destinations with changing restrictions will generate mistrust, as will those that do not apply control measures and those with a low vaccination rate.

Uncertainty is the traveler’s worst enemy. Destinations such as the United States are almost completely ruled out among European tourists, who have seen the issuance of visas almost 100% paralyzed or entry restricted from most Schengen countries.

A great tool if you are thinking of traveling abroad this summer is Skyscanner’s restrictions guide. This tool allows you to select the country from which you are traveling to check the restrictions applied. If you have doubts about whether you will have to do quarantine or if you will need a PCR upon arrival, this tool will be of great help.

International destinations for this summer, Carpe Diem

A true traveler doesn’t let anything slow him down, so let’s live in the moment! For all those ready to pack their bags and hop on a plane, we’ve compiled some of the most popular international destinations for this summer (even with Covid).


The star destination in pandemic times has earned this award by doing things right. With good epidemiological data and open borders, the Maldives has 60% of its population vaccinated and 90% of its tourism workers immunized. Its infection curve continues to fall and the number of tourists is increasing.

Costa Rica

Travel to Costa Rica is simply easy. No quarantine, no PCR and no country-specific restrictions. Visiting Costa Rica remains almost as easy as it was before the pandemic.

The only requirements to be able to travel to Costa Rica this summer are:

  • Fill out a digital epidemiological form: health pass
  • Travel with a medical insurance that covers quarantine and assistance in case of contracting Covid-19, even for those who are vaccinated.

In Costa Rica there are health measures related to the capacity in hotels and restaurants, as well as some time restrictions. Before traveling, you can check the official Costa Rican tourism website for the latest news.


Despite having been a country hit hard by the pandemic, its numbers in relation to its total population are not too bad.

Mexico allows international travel without the need for quarantine or health testing. Tests for the disease may be conducted upon entry into the country and tourists will also be required to fill out a form to identify risk factors. You can check it here.

However, if you travel to Mexico, remember that restaurants outside hotels are limited to take away services. Tourist and hospitality activities remain 100% operational.

Greek Islands

That’s right, this paradise of islands with crystal clear waters will be open to international tourism this summer, but you will need to meet some requirements.

To enter the country you will need a negative PCR performed within 72 hours prior to your arrival. Those who can prove that they have overcome the disease and those who are properly vaccinated will be exempted from this PCR. There are requirements about the ways to prove vaccination and immunity, so we recommend you to check them here.

To whet your appetite, remember that you can always follow our travel inspiration account @travelingtheworld. There you will find dream places and places to add to your list of destinations to travel in summer 2021 or in the future. We are already thinking about our next destination. And you, do you already have it clear?