If you’re looking for Scandinavian style inspiration…. This is the place for you! Decommunity provides you with the best inspiration from the nordic influencers who best represent this style. 

The nordic trend is established as one of the favorite styles of millennials, and no wonder, because it鈥檚 a style that鈥檚 at the forefront of current design and never goes out of fashion. 

Why do millennials prefer the Nordic style?

There are many reasons why nordic influencers have a devotion to this style. It’s durability over time; it doesn’t matter if the decoration is a piece of furniture from the 15th century or the latest season, if you know how to use it, it鈥檒l never go out of style. 

Another factor that millennials love about this style is the comfort and well-being it provides. An oasis of peace that makes your home a wonderful temple, where spending the days becomes something positive. In addition, many claim that this style is the secret of happiness. And it鈥檚 no coincidence, since the Danes are…. The happiest people on the planet! 

On the other hand, functionality: as the nordic influencers say “less is more“. This style is based on the simplicity and functionality of objects, a practical spirit that leaves aside the superficiality of objects and beauty, for the object’s raison d’锚tre. 

Thus, the qualities of this Scandinavian trend are based on the new ideals of millennials and consequently, make it the favorite style for decorating their homes, as we will see below. 

Nordic influencers to follow if you love Scandinavian design

1. The young Norwegian influencer, Darja Barannik

Our fashion editor and Scandinavian fashion icon focuses on the small details of decoration: candles, vases, ornaments, pictures, plants or wooden furniture are some of the trends that make up the Scandinavian style, and that Darja knows how to apply in her interior design. 

Her home, located in Oslo, is anything but cold. The warmth provided by the different decorative details make her home a totally comforting place. Variety is the spice of life, and Scandinavian style makes it easy to integrate all kinds of design trends without creating artificial contrasts. 

As a result, it gives every part of your home a cozier feel with your personal decorating touch. She has introduced details of decoration from each country she has visited, to keep the memory and give personality to the room. A success!

2. Kenza Zouiten, influencer and super fashion blogger.聽

The total white, symmetrical lines or high ceilings are very typical of the Nordic style and are the ones that Kenza chooses for her beautiful apartment. Accompanied by large windows, let the energy and joy of the sun spread through the living room. 

The key is the free, orderly and above all well-lit spaces that will provide us with the calm we need in our home. It is essential, as we mentioned before, to make the most of the hours of sunshine, as they are scarce in Scandinavian countries. Vitamin C to the power! 

3. Janni Olsson, a very Mediterranean Swedish influencer

Our third influencer and millennial, located in Monaco, has transferred her Nordic culture to the Mediterranean waters. 

Neutral colors and quality wood provide a functional, simple and most importantly…full of comfort! 

And if you add to this the warmth of the Mediterranean style that we see in her home, it transports us to that atmosphere of joy and zest for life. In addition, she accompanies it with plants, since we must not forget that the Nordic style has nature as its main inspiration. Therefore, we must bring fresh air and fresh air to your home, the ideal is to add plants inside our rooms, always in strategic points like Janni. 

4. Pernille Teisbaek, Danish creative of the moment

This Scandinavian style muse recreates her home under a minimalist model where neutral colors predominate and turn the space into something grandiose. 

Simplicity and simple shapes predominate, and they are also a point in favor of the Nordic style. Betting on straight and refined lines combined with soft and sinuous curves are the perfect touch for your home to breathe a Nordic atmosphere. 

5. Sophia Roe, the nordic style in person

The latest of the Nordic influencers, she is none other than the Danish fashion editor of Vogue Scandinavia. Does it get any more Nordic than this? 

As you can see, antique or weathered woods are must-have details to achieve a Scandinavian style and our millennial knows how to pull it off in her home. 

The mix of textures is another point to take into account when choosing this Nordic trend, in order to obtain stylish combinations full of personality, which Sophia wastes so much in her way of seeing the decoration. 

Other Nordic inspirational accounts to follow on IG

If you’ve fallen in love with the Nordic style as much as we have, we give you more top ideas to decorate your home with the essence of Scandinavian style. 

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