Common sense is the basis for all decisions, even when it comes to choosing the best way to have a tidy home. Any strategy is valid if it adapts to your lifestyle and helps you to minimise chores. However, they all require a certain amount of perseverance and, above all, losing your attachment to those things you never use but always keep. 

Marie Kondo’s strict rules don’t suit you? In this post we give you some ideas to have a tidy home by changing small daily habits that will save you a lot of work in the long run, because, let’s face it, doing housework is necessary but very boring. 

Always tidy your clothes

There is no disorder that destabilize us more than having clothes occupying spaces that don’t belong to them or opening the wardrobe and finding a pile of clothes that make no sense. That’s why tidying up our wardrobe is key to a sense of cleanliness in the home. 

A good way of tidying up your wardrobe is to place clothes according to their use, i.e. the clothes you wear most often in the most accessible part of the wardrobe and the top and bottom of the wardrobe the ones you use more sporadically. In addition, if all your hangers are the same, the feeling of order will be greater. Try it! You will see how having your clothes tidy will bring you peace in your home. 

Decorative objects yes, but don’t overdo it. Leave some space! 

We all like to have nice details on our shelves and bookcases but cluttering the furniture with objects conveys a feeling of disorder. To avoid this, the best thing to do is to occupy 60% of the space with books or main objects, 10% with decoration and leave the remaining 30% free. This will make the furniture breathe and look tidier. 

Classify everything you keep with labels

Boxes are very useful for keeping order, but if we don’t label what we put inside every time we need to find it, we will mess up all the boxes and the boxes will cease to be useful. Save yourself some work later and remind yourself where you have put everything. 

Don’t neglect your floors. The mop should be your best friend

Accumulating dust and dirt on the floor is one of the clearest signs of a lack of cleanliness in the home, so a gesture as simple as sweeping and mopping can go a long way towards tidying up your home. 

In the kitchen? No accumulation of dirty dishes

You can have a clean kitchen, but if you have dishes to wash, the feeling of clutter will flood everything. Make a small effort and wash the dishes when you finish using them, so they don’t pile up and you will always keep the kitchen tidy. If there’s more than one of you in the house, take it in turns – much easier!

 (Bis).  Air it out so your house always smells clean!

When it’s time to make the bed in the morning, open the windows and close them again before you leave so that the air in the house is fresh and the musty smell doesn’t build up, which can make the house look untidy and untidy. Let the air flow! 
In short, the organization at home helps to improve the mood and our home transmits a positive energy. And that if not the basis of the Feng Shui philosophy? If you combine order with harmony, you will achieve maximum well-being in your home. Everything you need to know about Feng Shui in our magazine, surf and discover it!