Every home, sweet home, stands out, among many other things, in the personality of its tenants. Therefore, if you are here looking for the keys to modern rustic style it is because your personality follows the trends of the moment as the water follows its course. Do you feel identified? 

In today’s article we will flow through the keys to modern rustic style so you can give that trendy air to your home. Undoubtedly, it is one of those trends that have come to stay, and not only because it combines a perfect blend of character and ways of understanding the decoration, also because it allows many combinations to achieve a unique home. 

What is modern rustic style: where do you come from and what are you looking for?

The answer to your interior question about whether the modern rustic style has a base of the traditional rustic style is yes. When we tell you that this way of understanding decoration is simply unique, it is because of the variety of elements that you will be able to include in your home. 

The most traditional rustic style decoration was born with the intention of not losing that style, since during the twentieth century the new artistic and social movements began to leave their mark on interior decoration. Therefore, it is very common to see this type of decoration in second family residences. In addition, the traditional rustic style varies (very considerably) depending on the geographical location and cultural customs of the place where it is applied. Surely you have heard of the Italian rustic style, the French rustic style or the Scandinavian rustic style.

Once we have the modern rustic style base, it is time to add the contemporary details that give it that special touch. Here comes some other more contemporary and modern styles, such as the industrial style. A style that stood out in the New York of the 50s. 

Through the industrial style we can generate the perfect atmosphere: simple lines, use of wood as the predominant material, furniture and metal structures, minimalism…

Therefore, when we talk about modern rustic style, we are talking about the mixture of two styles with a lot of personality with which to turn your home into a warm and comfortable space. 

The 5 tips of the modern rustic style for a home full of personality

Now it’s time to discover what are the keys to modern rustic style to be able to apply them. Without losing sight of your character and personality, make your home trendy!

1. A white background: a canvas in the shape of a house

Step 1 is essential. In order to give your home this unique style, it is necessary to have a good base. 

The modern rustic style breaks with the dark spaces that prevailed in the traditional rustic style. To do this, break with wood as a base and add white to the walls. This way you will see how the spaces are illuminated and enlarged.

2. A bit of industrial: the perfect mix

As we have already mentioned above, a modern rustic style goes together with a more modern style, such as the industrial style, with which it fits perfectly. 

Some of the most characteristic elements of this style, that can鈥檛 be missed at your home, and therefore, you should add in your modern rustic style house are metal details. For example, with metal lamps or tables with metal legs.

Besides, wood in this style is key to your new modern rustic house. Add wood to the floor, partition wall or doors.

3. A very rustic texture

One of the most characteristic rustic textures is stone. Therefore, even if the base color is white, generating some rougher surfaces or with imperfections, will bring that warm and familiar atmosphere of the traditional rustic style.

4. Light fabrics and lots of light

This style requires the freshest and lightest fabrics, which bring a breeze of good feeling.  Through textiles such as linen, which have that rustic character, or ramie, very similar to the former but rougher. Both are perfect for curtains, upholstery and decorative elements.

The use of these textiles in their more translucent version fit great in curtains. It also adds more light to your home, a must for modern rustic style.

5. Furniture with simple lines and natural elements

Once we have all the elements of a modern rustic style home, it remains to focus on the furniture and the elements that will be part of it. The key is: furniture with simple lines, without too many ornaments, that brings that rustic and warm air to the space. In addition, another must of this style are the natural elements, add wicker decorations or more organic decorations, and you will get that extra plus.

If after knowing the keys to modern rustic style you are still looking for more inspiration for your home, you are in the right place! Discover in @decommunity_ everything you need to decorate your home with the latest trends.