We review the projects awarded by the architecture magazine eVolo, in its International Skyscraper Competition 2021

The online architecture magazine eVolo, awards every year the best skyscrapers, in an international competition that enjoys great popularity. Some of the projects seen in the latest edition have helped us get an idea of what the cities of tomorrow will be like.

Today we will review the best skyscrapers of 2021, according to the magazine, and share that intrigue to know what awaits us in the not-so-distant future.

The Future of Skyscrapers: futuristic skyscrapers and also sustainables

Futuristic overtones but with nods to the organic and primordial. Some of the winning skyscrapers are the perfect combination of organic and functional. Two polar opposites, masterfully united.

A skyscraper of trees, another capable of collecting rainwater…Let’s see what these projects look like, because the victory is no longer for the tallest skyscrapers but for the highest.

Winning skyscraper in the eVolo 2021 competition

Living Skyscraper
Source: eVolo


Andrii Lesiuk, Mykhaylo  Kohut, Sofiia Shkoliar, Kateryna Ivashchuk, Nazarii Duda, Mariia Shkolnyk, Oksana-Daryna Kytsiuk, Andrii Honcharenko



Living Skyscraper : Project Description

Genetically modified trees that grow autonomously. As their trunks fortify, so does the structure of the building. Undoubtedly, an innovative response that will bring green lungs to the digital cities of the future.

International skyscraper competition 2021 second prize

Lluvioso skyscraper rascacielos del futuro
Source: eVolo


Amit Deutch, Roni Dominitz, Tamar Kerber



Rainy: Project Description

A skyscraper capable of recycling rainwater, designed for its location in Mexico City. The rainy is designed to be able to collect rain and supply the city’s groundwater network. It would also prevent the flooding that often occurs at its installation site.

Lluvioso is the perfect example that there are people with an extraordinary will to bring about change, in the words of its creators: “We hoped to make a proposal that coexists with nature and does not seek to domesticate it.

The future of skyscrapers brings sustainable and ingenious proposals…

Third place in the skyscraper contest

rascacielos del futuro
Source: eVolo


Xiangshu Kong, Xiaoyong Zhang, Mingsong Sun



Hmong: Project Description

Hmong is one of the Chinese ethnic minorities who are suffering from displacement and loss of their place of origin. The Chinese government relocates the minorities to the suburbs with the intention of preserving their cultural richness without impeding the modern development of the city. However, the minorities do not quite adapt to the new territories allotted by the government and they feel out of their home. Hmong provides a solution in the form of horizontal and vertical skyscrapers, which would allow these minorities to integrate into the city without having to give up their traditional lifestyle.

A skyscraper that takes a third prize and our heart…

The future of skyscrapers: Our selection of honorable-mention skyscrapers

In addition to the aforementioned winners of the competition, eVolo awarded several honorable mentions to other skyscrapers that, due to the quality of their proposals, were worthy of recognition.

This is our selection, but you can consult here the complete summary of winners and also find out about the next edition of the competition in 2022.

Skyscrapers to generate ice in the Arctic

concurso de rascacielos evolo 2021

Source: eVolo

Autores: Lu Wang, Shuangjiang He, Ning He, Youjia Lv, Limin Wang

Skyscraper project capable of contributing to the generation of ice in a simpler way. This skyscraper intended for the Arctic, is designed to reduce the amount of salt present in the seawater, thus favoring its freezing.

Pathway Of Belonging: Skyscrapers for migrants in Morocco

rascacielos del futuro
Source: eVolo

Authors: Leonie Blum, Katharina Frank, Ritaj Albaje, Simon Sundin

Located in Morocco, its creators sought to build a space where everyone would feel welcome. Morocco has become a city that hosts a lot of immigration from South Africa, so Pathway Of Belonging would be an ideal place for it.

A skyscraper that purifies the air: Smokestack Symbiosis

rascacielos del futuro
Source: eVolo

Authors:Xuekui Liu, Yashu Chen, Liyu Ai, Hao Wang, Jialu Xu

Little to add. A complex air purification system, makes the relationship of these buildings with the city symbiotic or mutually beneficial.

Another of the many proposals forsustainable futurism in the issue…

Organic hyperbole: Terra Mycelia, a skyscraper of mushrooms

rascacielos de hongos
Source: eVolo

Authors: Linnea Pettersson, Ludvig Sundberg, Carmen Povedano Olleros, Evelina Björndal.

A skyscraper made of mycelium that, upon its demise, gives back to the earth all that belongs to it and helps regenerate agricultural soil.

Mushrooms are one of those species that never cease to amaze us, and this project is a clear example of that.

Responsible skyscrapers…

After reviewing these fantastic projects, there is no doubt that the future of skyscraper construction looks bright.

Also, we have seen that in all of them, there is an underlying responsibility either to the environment or to society.

If the architectural quality of these projects is worthy of admiration, their social responsibility only enhances it.

Congratulations to all the participants, and thank you for such responsible and hopeful proposals.

More Inspiration…

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