You find the perfect moment to sit down on the couch, you start preparing popcorn, three minutes by the microwave and, with that wonderful bowl, you start looking for what to watch in front of an infinite catalog of good series and movies. A few minutes later, your popcorn is almost over and you still don’t know what to watch on TV. Does it sound familiar to you?

We can’t explain why it is so hard to pick a series or a movie to watch, but here you’re in the perfect place to avoid finishing that bowl of popcorn before hitting play. 

You know you want to watch a series or documentary about one of your passions, architecture or interior design, so we’ve done the work for you. Here you’ll find a rundown of the most 10 famous design and architecture series so you can choose what to start watching right now.

Architecture series you can’t miss: your passion is just one play away!

Enriching yourself with knowledge from the comfort of your sofa is a great plan, but also, if what your eyes see are some of these design and architecture series, it’s even better!

Grand Designs: the series that always surprises

With 160 45-minute episodes, Grand Design is a documentary series about very unique architectural projects promoted/performed by people (and not professionals) looking to build their new home. Hosted and presented by Kevin McCloud, an English designer who always loved architecture. So much so that it led him to present this project to the small screen. 

In each chapter we see a construction process, bringing it closer to the viewer, as we see ordinary people looking for a home to live adjusted to their needs. A very interesting series that engages from the very first second. Our recommendation is: say yes to Grand designs.

architecture series - grand designs

Netflix: Grand designs

The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes: a 45 minute wow

Architect Piers Taylor and actress Caroline Quentin show us the most extraordinary houses in the world. In (for the moment) three seasons with approximately 45-minute episodes, we visit the most amazing houses around the world. 

In this series you will find homes in the middle of nature, in unusual spaces or even underground and you will travel all over the world, from Norway to Spain. An architecture series on Netflix that is made for all audiences, but especially for architecture lovers. 

Sometimes we come across technicalities that are solved and explained impeccably by its presenter and award-winning architect Piers Taylor. In addition, his partner in crime, Caroline Quentin makes for plenty of anecdotes that make it one of the best architecture series of the moment.

Netflix: The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes

Tiny House Nation: small spaces, big ideas

In this architecture series, the title already gives away what we’re going to see. Hosted by John Weisbarth and expert Zack Giffin, we tour the U.S. helping families build their own custom tiny home. 

Tiny houses are all the rage in the U.S., and if they’re anything like the ones you’ll see in this architecture series, we’re not surprised. But what’s more, this tiny house trend has spread around the world. 

An architecture series for all audiences but if you’re a professional, it offers a vision so shelled of the construction of small houses that you’ll learn while you have fun. In its episodes of approximately 40 minutes we see the whole conception of the design of a small house and even the incorporation of solutions for this type of housing.

architecture series - minicasas de ensueño

Netflix: Tiny House Nation

Stay Here: a vacation for the whole year

With the boom in vacation rentals, the Stay Here series, hosted by designer Genevieve Gorder and real estate expert Peter Lorimer, has found its way onto the small screen.

In this interior design and architecture series, the presenters teach property owners how to make their rental properties profitable through incredible renovations. They renovate and redecorate the property according to the owner’s demands and teach them how to advertise it to be more attractive on rental platforms. 

Netflix: Stay here

Interior Design Masters: captivating interior design enthusiasts

More than an architecture series, Interior Design Masters is a reality show of interior designers competing to win a contract to design the iconic Dorsett bar, one of London’s most famous hotels.

A reality series divided into 8 chapters of approximately 45 minutes, where 10 junior designers from the UK face challenges to transform spaces with their striking ideas. 

For any design lover, this series is a must, as it brings ideas and perspectives from young designers with different motivations within the discipline. Say yes to inspiration with this design and architecture series. 

architecture series - interior design masters

Netflix: Interior Design Masters

Abstract: an in-depth look at contemporary design

We leave aside the architecture series to press play to a Netflix documentary that has been nominated for several Emmy awards and that you must see if you are a design lover (in general). 

Abstract is a journey through the eyes of designers from the most important areas of the world, in which we learn how their work influences aspects of our daily basis. A documentary that has already accumulated two seasons on Netflix and is a yes for architects and designers that want to know the creative process of great professionals and their inspirations and aspirations. 

Netflix: Abstract: el arte del diseño

Lego-The Building Blocks of Architecture: for kids of all ages

If you’re an architecture lover, you were probably a Lego lover in your childhood. Therefore, you’ll love this Netflix documentary.

In BIllund, Denmark, a 12,000 square meter house is built inspired by the legendary Lego bricks. The film narrates the whole process of its construction, from the most creative stage to see the final result. For 45 minutes you will enjoy the world of Lego like a child.

architecture series - lego House

Netflix: Lego-The Building Blocks of Architecture

Before ending this article, we leave Netflix to discover what’s on Amazon Prime that every architecture lover must see (and know about it):

How much does your building weigh, Mr. Foster?

Norman Foster is one of the most important architects of our time, and this documentary approaches not only to his works, but also his intimacies, his family life and his personality. A documentary that lasts approximately 90 minutes that you can watch on Amazon Prime Video.

Frank Lloyd Wright: The Man Who Built America

In this documentary film we learn about the roots of Frank Lloyd Wright, one of America’s greatest architects. Through the eyes of Welsh architect Jonathan Adams, we travel to America and tour Frank Lloyd’s masterpieces, learning about some of his experiences and his career. You will also find it on Amazon Prime Video and is the perfect architecture film for lovers of this discipline.

BIG Time

To finish this list of the best design and architecture series you can watch, we have to talk about the BIG Time documentary, where the Danish architect Bjarke Ingels, founder of BIG studio, carries out what will be the most ambitious project of his career. 

The documentary was developed over seven years and we see the most intimate side of the architect, as well as the journey of his career. This documentary can also be seen on Amazon Prime Video and lasts approximately 90 minutes. 

Now that we have made the selection of the best design and architecture series you can watch, you only have to decide one; or you can also save this list in your favorites and not decide, start from the beginning until you finish with all of them. Don’t let your popcorn get cold and hit play on these top series. Enjoy yourself!

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