When summer starts our favorite corners of the house go from being inside to outside. The nightly candlelit dinners, the most instagrammable breakfasts and, of course, the mojitos in the sun begin. Blessed summer!

For all these plans (and all the others) you need to get your new favorite place in the world ready, so read on to find the best terraces ideas and welcome the summer with a perfect decoration.

Ideas for terraces that can not be missed: wicker, light and a bohemian feel

If your Instagram has been filled with cute terraces, it must be for a reason! Decorating terraces is the order of the day, and that’s why we wanted to help you get yours ready before summer arrives. Whether you have an urban balcony or a terrace away from the city, these terrace ideas are perfect for either!

Bohemian air: the color of the summer

The boho chic style is trendy and in summer, even more so. For those people that the bohemian style was excessive, with the boho chic, you will find that perfect balance for the decoration of your terrace.

Everything you like, fits in your terrace with boho chic style. We detach ourselves from the decorative rules to let our imagination fly to our own style, but of course, without losing sight of the trends. 

If there is an idea to decorate terraces that we like, it is to give a bohemian air to the place with softer prints and key decorative elements: wicker pouf, trendy central table and a rug.

Lights and candles: the perfect evening

If there is an idea for terraces that can not be missed is to add lights and candles around the corner. That romantic air that will bring light both literal and metaphorical. Because for a perfect evening on the terrace, just add lights and some candles with candlestick.

Wood and wicker: trendy inside and outside the home

Decorating with wicker is a trend we love. An eco-friendly material that looks great in the exteriors (and interiors) of a house. This is one of the best ideas for terraces that will bring that Mediterranean air that we like so much in this season of the year. 

Wooden structures that cover the central sofa of the terrace or, if it is a balcony, a small wooden armchair or a pallet sofa.

Plants and flowers: naturally beautiful

We love green. Because it makes any corner fill with good vibes. So, if you want your terrace to give off “good vibes”, one of the terrace decoration ideas that you should not forget is to add plants and flowers around it. 

If you are not very careful with plants, don鈥檛 worry, opt for types of plants that are easier to care for such as the jade tree, which is one of the most widespread succulent plants, highlighting its fleshy leaves and its small tree shape. 

Another plant that would fit perfectly next to your terrace and that resists a lot are the Aloe vera, it is a desert plant so it can withstand the sun and summer heat without problem.

If among your terrace ideas you were looking to give some color through plants, one of the most resistant (and beautiful) are daisies.

The top terrace ideas on Instagram

Now that you know the must-haves for decorating terraces, you still need to find out how to apply them in yours, right? To do this, the best thing to do is to get inspired by the top gardens, balconies and terraces on Instagram.

1. Mediterranean perfection

Undoubtedly an example of a Mediterranean terrace that stylishly combines the furniture with the decorative elements, creating a perfect corner to relax outdoors, isn’t it?

2.The trendy corner of the season

If you have space to set up a structure in your garden, go ahead! In this case, we see how it is combined with different colors. Pink with black wood, creating a very boho chic atmosphere.

3. Magic moments

Artificial grass is one of the ideas for decorating terraces that, when placed well, looks great. So add an artificial lawn to your terrace (or balcony) to bring that summer freshness. 

After this tour, you still have the most important step, apply these ideas to decorate terraces in yours! And if you need more inspiration, follow us on @decommunity_ and discover the top decorating accounts on Instagram.