December is here, the month that puts an end to a 2020 full of emotions, feelings and goodbyes. We say goodbye to a year that has prepared us to face 2021 with greater enthusiasm. 

But before, we have to allow ourselves to enjoy a Christmas although different, very special. To do this, something that can not miss the Christmas checklist is the decoration. Of course, full of style to make it as unique as everything that awaits us in 2021.

Different house鈥檚 rooms with the same spirit: Christmas decoration 2020

The most common thing when Christmas arrives is to decorate some of the most typical spaces in the house, such as the living room or the terrace, but Christmas decoration has been gaining more space in the home in the last years. 

Therefore, it is necessary to achieve a Christmas decoration in every corner of the house so that all the spirit of Christmas reigns. Of course, following certain guidelines so that it does not give the feeling of excess.

For example, for the smallest spaces in the house, such as the bathroom, we can decorate with a Christmas candle or a little mistletoe on the door. For another somewhat narrow area as are usually the corridors of a house, thanks to some Christmas light, garland hanging from the ceiling or a little natural tinsel running along the corridor, we will make Christmas breathe in each room. 

Now we are going to speak about two other very important rooms of a house, the entrance and the kitchen, since they are two places that the guests and relatives usually visit.

At the main entrance of the house, opt for natural and cozy decoration, which invites you to enjoy the space. Choosing Christmas vases decorated with feathers from the pampas is a wise choice and also a very current decorative trend

For the kitchen, opt for some detail in red, such as bows or baskets for chestnuts, is a very elegant way to bring Christmas to the place where the best menus. 

Colors to decorate your home for Christmas

It is very important that, before starting to decorate a Christmas house, we choose which colors we want to predominate in each space. This will make it easier for everything to combine much better. 

To do this, we must take into account what color predominates in each room of the house and adapt the Christmas decoration to each of them. We will give some examples to facilitate this first step. 

  • Red and green

These are the most common colors of these dates. Two colors that combine very well chromatically and that, in addition, transport to that Christmas atmosphere that we looked for to give to the house.

  • Golden shades

Gold is a color that makes any room shine, a very Christmas color, perfect to say goodbye to 2020. In the decoration in golden tones the only rule is: less is more. 

It is often used to decorate Christmas tables and Christmas trees, so that spaces are not overloaded. 

  • Silver and White

Another Christmas colors that combine perfectly, giving each space an added value, is the decoration in silver and white. They bring a sophisticated point to the atmosphere. It is usual to see this combination of colors in perfectly decorated Christmas trees. 

  • Black

The color black fills more and more spaces in the home, brings a touch of unique elegance, and at Christmas it will be no less. The color black can perfectly combine in a house, from the black Christmas tree to any Christmas complement that is placed in the wall. 

  • Rustic

We know that the rustic is not a color, but you will agree that it is a tone that can impregnate an environment. The rustic is the color of the wood, of the wicker, of the craftsmanship. A color that is perfect for this Christmas and that brings warmth to spaces. 

Unique Christmas decoration: when less is more

Once we have choosen the colors that will predominate in each room it is time to find the best Christmas details so that everything is perfect. 

Christmas tree

The Christmas tree is a classic that will never go out of fashion and has been adapted to different styles and trends.

From the traditional Christmas tree, to the most modern and minimalist, through the legendary DIY, which whether purchased or handmade, are spectacular in any room of the house.  

Plants in Christmas Decoration

If you have your whole house full of plants, at Christmas you will have to give them a new look to fit in with the decoration. So you can add a bow to the pot, put some artificial snow on some of the leaves or add some light or garland. 

In addition, if you want to add some other natural plant to your home garden, we will tell you that the most typical plants of Christmas are the fir tree (Abies alba), which is the typical Christmas tree and is ideal to put the little gifts under it; the mythical Easter flower (Euphorbia pulcherrima), which is a deciduous shrub that usually accompanies all homes at this time; the mistletoe (Viscum album), that usually comes with a good luck omen and that is ideal at Christmas time; finally, another typical plant of these dates is the Holly (Ilex aquifolium), an iconic Christmas plant because of its red color.

Table Centers and sails

Another great classic in the Christmas decoration are the centerpieces, there are so many varieties and forms that should be prioritized to combine with the style that reigns in the decoration.

The elements that always tend to accompany the centerpieces at Christmas are candles and chestnuts, as they manage to give a very Christmas-like touch to a table. 

The most beautiful table for Christmas: pay attention to details

Christmas would be meaningless without the meetings with family and friends, therefore, because of the importance of these meetings to have lunch and dinner all together, we must pay much attention to the decoration of the Christmas table. 

The personalization is taken to the maximum and we see Christmas tables where everything is thought out, from the names of each person, to small details in the glasses or cutlery. 

You can also accompany the dishes with decorations around the table, such as pineapples or confetti. As well as making a good hem to the napkins. 

And, as we have already mentioned, the most beautiful table of Christmas must have a centerpiece that can, moreover, go all the way around. 

Finally, the most important decoration of this Christmas 2020 and that you should not forget is, a nice smile. Merry Christmas!