If you’re interested in sophisticated decoration… hold on to your seat! There’s curves ahead! And quite literally because if there’s something in which many of the existing decorative styles coincide is the power of the curve to bring glamour and elegance to the spaces.

That’s why we let ourselves be captivated by curves and travel through their rounded lines, from the symbolism of the circle to one of the latest decorative trends, the curved sofa. Join us on this journey to the most seductive curves in interior design. 

The curve in decoration: why is it a must of sophistication?

It is time to go into the circle, because through it we reach the curved lines and we can discover more about its sophisticated character. 

The circle represents unity, since it closes in on itself and it has no beginning and no end, it is an absolute, which personifies perfection. Hence it is the best ally for interior design, to reach the curved lines is to bring perfection to a space.

But in addition, rounded shapes seduce the human eye, it takes us away from minimalism to bring us something more familiar, warmer and more Nordic. If we compare a piece of furniture with rounded lines with a piece of furniture with straight lines, we perceive with the first one a sweet, close, enveloping sensation; on the other hand, with the second one, our sensations will be colder and industrial. 

That is why the curve in decoration is so widely used as a tool to bring freshness and character to a space. Decorating with curved furniture is to look for those comfortable, cozy and above all, sophisticated spaces. 

Decorative styles where to bet on curved furniture

If you are wondering how to include curved lines in the decoration of your home or project, let’s take a look at some of the decorative styles where curves will bring that sophistication decoration you’ll be looking for.

Curve in the most romantic and classic style: trends always come back

Classic style is trendy this year, both in fashion and in decoration, and it is that the series that are a boom on streaming platforms are transmitting their character to all levels and audiences. 

That has happened with Netflix’s series The Bridgerton, set in 19th century London high society, which has made Bridgerton style fashionable, a mixture of romantic and Victorian style that interior decorators and lovers of the series like and much.

And if there is something that stands out in the classic style, are the curved lines in furniture, lamps, sofas, mirrors, etc.. Therefore, this is one of the styles where the curve does not go unnoticed, but is key. 

Curve in the Nordic style: a calm space with rounded lines

The Nordic style is par excellence the style of calm, peace, simplicity of space and also brings warmth to any room. Despite standing out for a white color, the contrast with natural materials such as rattan or wood, brings that cozy atmosphere.

The sophisticated decoration through the curve finds its maximum in the Nordic style through simple but glamorous furniture, such as the curved sofa or decorative curve elements such as vases, mirrors, lamps, etc.

The curve in Mid Century style

The Mid Century style comes from an artistic and cultural movement of the early twentieth century, modernism. Over the years it evolved into the well-known Mid Century Modern, a style that was applied to architecture, interior design and decoration.

It is a style that seeks simplicity of lines and simplicity of spaces, much closer to minimalism than to a Scandinavian style. Despite this, through some of its main characteristics, we find that sophisticated decoration that curve brings.

The subtle geometry with which we play in the Mid Century style, leads us to find not only pieces that are true icons of interior design, but also pieces in which curved and glamorous lines predominate. 

For example, thanks to Arne Jacobsen, architect and interior designer, and considered the father of Danish design, today we have design pieces that have that glamor and elegance that only the curve is capable of achieving.

One of them is the classic Egg Chair, a chair in which Jacobsen wanted to unify an armchair in a single piece, where backrest, armrests and seats come together. 

Icons of glamour: sophisticated decoration always in curve

Just like Jacobsen’s legendary Egg Chair, there are many iconic pieces that we use today to bring glamour to an environment and that stand out for their rounded lines: 

Mid Century style curved sofa

As we have mentioned, the Mid Century style has left us iconic pieces that stand out for their curvy and elegant shape. One of them is the Mid century curved sofa, a piece that brings sophistication to the environment and also gives a very trendy retro air. 

Arco lamp, light with curved lines

Sophisticated decoration is always accompanied by details and this piece is a true yes to glamor. The arc lamp stands out for its circular shape bringing a ray of elegance to any environment.

Panton chair, a real curvy piece

The Panton Chair, by Danish designer Verner Panton, is an S-shaped molded plastic chair that became an icon of Pop Art. It is undoubtedly a unique piece to attract the attention of our gaze. 

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