The Objets Nomades of Louis Vuitton collection is an ode to the traveling essence of the brand. Since 2012 different internationally renowned artists design furniture and decorative objects that invite us to recall history through beautiful pieces.

The art turned into a trunk

Louis Vuitton began working in 1837 as an apprentice in the workshop of Mr. Maréchal, a reputable Paris craftsman, when he was only 16 years old.

At the time, travelers turned to artisans to protect their belongings while traveling, as means of transportation were precarious and accidents with luggage were frequent.

Atelier Asnières

Years later Vuitton opened his own workshop near the Place Vendome, growing so rapidly that he would soon need to move his center of operations to the emblematic Asnières. Since 1859 the workshop was, in addition to its workplace, the main residence of the Vuitton family. Even today, some of the Maison’s craftsmen continue to work there, and the family home, now converted into a museum, attracts many enthusiasts of L’art de vivre de Vuitton.

The Maison of the nomads

The trunks made by Vuitton were extraordinary pieces of craftsmanship for their beauty, but also for their technical innovation. Exclusive and unrepeatable designs such as the iconic trunk bed created in 1874 for the Italian-French explorer Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza, are a clear example. Specifically, this piece had a zinc and copper coating, and was resistant to dust and humidity. Even today, its spectacular design continues fascinating us.

Cama baúl Louis Vuitton

It is to special requests like this that the Objets Nomades collection seeks to pay tribute. Handcrafted pieces made with passion by some of the best designers in the world.

Objets Nomades collection: design at its best

Artists such as Marcel Wanders, Patricia Urquiola or the Campana brothers, are responsible for transporting us with their pieces to the historical past of the Maison Vuitton.

The designs of these artists awaken unique emotions in us. The perfect harmony between design, functionality and beauty, of the different Objets Nomades, invites us to dream of unforgettable experiences, of journeys and great adventures.

objets nomades louis vuitton
Lounger by Marcel Wanders –

This beautiful folding sun lounger, designed by Marcel Wanders, is a rest area that can be converted into a handbag. Made of carbon fiber with leather covering, it offers different functionalities thanks to its adaptable modules and its adjustment straps. Ideal for enjoying the summer breeze, right?

objets nomades louis vuitton

Patricia Urquiola, with a simple structure and emphasizing the leather work, has given life to this marvel: The Palaver Chair.

objets nomades louis vuitton
objets nomades silla palaver
Silla Palaver de Patricia Urquiola para Louis Vuitton – foto:

The harmony in the interweaving of the more than 150 strips of bovine that make up the Palaver, is magnificent.

Another evocative design is that of Andrew Kudles, who manages with this bookshelf to recreate the effect of ocean waves breaking against rocks and, more excitingly, transport it into your home. The Well Wave bookcase is made with polished oak and Louis Vuitton leather, undoubtedly a design marked by the avant-garde character of its creator.

objets nomades
Well Wave Suspended de Andrew Kudless –

Traveling Essence…

Let’s continue to fill our home with travel-inspired jewelry with the Atelier Oï hammock. The extreme beauty of its detailing makes it an irresistible object.

objets nomades bolso hamaca atelier oï
Hamaca de Atelier Oï –

When we contemplate the image of a hammock, landscapes of faraway paradises come to mind. However, this creation by Atelier Oï is a paradise in itself, inviting you to dream in it.

hamaca atelier oï Louis vuitton objets nomades
Hammock of Atelier Oï for Louis Vuitton

And speaking of comfort, how can we forget the Bomboca sofa by the Campana brothers.

Sofa Bomboca objets nomades louis vuitton

Named after a Brazilian candy and with eight fluffy cushions that fit together like a puzzle, the Bomboca sofa is pure fantasy. Dreamlike and exquisite, this billowing sofa is covered in leather and finished to look like it’s from another planet.

sofá Bomboca objets nomades

The purest nomadic style of the collection is seen in objects like the Zanellato / Bortotto lantern. With the delicacy of a Haute Couture bag, but with the power to bring to mind images of tents, explorers and even expeditions in the middle of the night.

Zanellato / Bortotto para Objets Nomades de Louis Vuitton

A good nomad appreciates nature and needs it in his daily life. In the home of a Vuitton traveler, plants are a must, but with the elegance and sophistication that comes from placing them in such a special place as the Damien Langlois-Meurinne Floral Totem.

Floral Totem of Damien Langlois-Meurinne for Objets Nomades – Foto:

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Cover photo credits

Patricia Urquiola’s Palaver chair. Talisman table by India Mahdavi. Bell lamp by Barber & Osgerby. Swing chair by Patricia Urquiola.

Photos: Tommaso Sartori.