The new normal is here to stay. When, almost a year ago, we started with the restrictive measures for COVID-19, nobody imagined (nor wanted) that we would still be in the same situation. The social distancing, the use of the mask and staying at home, even for work, has become what we call ‘the new normal‘. 

We have adapted to COVID-19 situation, we have learned from it and this 2021 we have to continue to do so. At the beginning of the pandemic, it seemed fun and people were excited about being able to work from home: working in your pijama, taking a break every time you want, better organization, greater flexibility… But as the days and weeks went by, for many people it was no longer as much fun or as fantastic as it used to be or as they first thought. 

If that happens to you, but working from home has been imposed in your daily life, we bring you 10 habits with which it will be much easier for you to cope. With these tips we want to ensure that you are successful at building at home your new normal.

Working from home: the new normal

We’ve collected different tips to help you make your new normal more bearable and also to help you be more productive while working at home.

1. Prepare your day the night before

Take some time before going to sleep to write down on paper (or on your cell phone) all the tasks or plans you have for the next day. Organize it and set yourself 2 or 3 goals (achievable) that will help you feel motivated. It is also interesting that you leave everything you need for the new day.

2. Establish a schedule for your new normal

This is very important because, otherwise, your work and your household chores such as spending time with your family will be totally blurred. Set some time parameters to your new normal so you know when it’s time to work and when it’s time to disconnect. 

3. Disconnect before going to sleep

Talking about disconnexion, lying down after dinner on the couch with the TV on while we surf without destination through Facebook, Instagram or any website, is a practice that we do more and more often and without hardly realizing it. In doing so, we are wasting one of the best moments of the day to relax with our family or simply to reconnect with ourselves. So every night put your cell phone on night mode, prepare your favorite tea and simply relax doing whatever you feel like doing: watching TV, reading or just enjoying the moment; your moment.

4. Have a separate working area

Also very important: it is not useful to work at the kitchen table, nor at the dining room table. The best thing to do is to find an area where you can set up your workplace. You may also need to invest in the right technology and office equipment (chairs, desks, etc.) but it’s a great idea, you will appreciate it! 

5. Set your work hours

It’s important that your workmates and chiefs know your schedule and which are your working hours. Otherwise, you’ll receive emails or meeting invitations all day long and you won’t be able to disconnect from work. In this regard, it is also important that your family (or roommates) know your working hours so they’ll know when you’re available. Be clear about times and expectations so your new normal is not chaotic.

6. Dress up every day: new normal should be as close to the normal as possible

In your new normal working from home you might think that it’s great working with your pijama on, but you’ll be more productive and you’ll feel better if you keep doing your morning routine as if you had to go to the office. Ensuring you look professional and well dressed it helps you to take meetings more seriously and to feel great about yourself.

7. Take breaks and find your moments

One good thing about work from home is that the work’s rhythm isn’t the same as in the office so you can find the pace that fits you better. So be sure you take regular breaks to enjoy a moment of calm and if you’re lucky and have a balcony, sit outside and get fresh air. Don’t forget to move around and disconnect from the screen. 

8. Exercise yourself

Staying fit and physically active is one of the biggest challenges of the new normal.  It is important to continue doing sports at home, as it will also help us to be more productive at work because we will feel more vital and much better about ourselves.

9. Establish a sleep routine

Have you ever heard of sleep latency? It is the term used by scientists to refer to the period of time that elapses between going to bed and finally falling asleep. Well, there are numerous studies that show that going to bed at the same time every day considerably reduces this time interval. Sleep is vital to feel good and by establishing a sleep routine like this, we will start our days with much more energy and without the need to delay the alarm clock by five minutes. Being home all day doesn’t mean that you lose your daily routine.

10.  Practice introspection: an new habit for the new normal

Since this new normal is not really normal, it’s also good advice that when the day comes to an end, practice introspection: look inward and think about how the day has been, how you have felt and reflect on it. A highly recommended practice before going to sleep is to think about the three things that made you happy during the day. That will make you appreciate the little things and above all, will draw a big smile on your face that will put an end to a great day.

As we have said, these moments we’re living are not normal at all despite us insisting on saying that this is the new normal. Remember that it’s ok to not feel ok all the time, so don’t be hard on yourself. The most important thing is that you try to be the best version of yourself if you have to work from home and these tips can help you do that. Be adaptable, resilient and everything will be fine!