Yes, we know that, as Yves Saint Laurent rightly said, “trends disappear, style is eternal” but, even so, it is mandatory to review decoration trends from time to time to know what will be in fashion.

At the beginning of the year, we already broke down the interior design trends for 2021: natural materials, cozy spaces and functionality and versatility at home. These were marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced us to spend much more time in our homes. Therefore, comfort and well-being became essential in interior decoration.

But will these decoration trends continue for the rest of the year? Or, what will be worn in our homes from now on? Spoiler: this second half of 2021 heralds stability, but with some surprises. Hope for the relaxation of health measures by COVID-19 will fill our homes with extra color and imagination.

Decoration trends for the second half of 2021

These are the decoration trends for the rest of the year, take note! 

1. The boom for the traditional, natural and artisan continues

In recent years, one of the strongest decoration trends is the bet for everything traditional, natural and artisan. In our specialized magazine we have already talked about the use of mud in decoration and wicker, the most fashionable eco-friendly material. In this sense, and as some great interior designers and decorators have already ventured, this trend has a long time to go and the predilection for natural materials will be with us for the rest of the year.聽

The increase in the use of this type of materials is also related to social demands related to health, which are already being made in other sectors, such as beauty or food. 

In this sense, and in response to this trend, new styles have emerged, such as the New Modern Mediterranean, which maintains the essence of the Mediterranean style but with more avant-garde and minimalist details.

2. Multipurpose spaces

Another decoration trend marked by COVID-19: the polyvalence of homes. Spending a lot of time in our homes due to lockdown, we have realized that we must bet on versatile and more flexible spaces. In short, spaces that are able to accommodate different actions (study/work, gymnastics, family relaxation) while making the most of them.

Although home lockdown is already far away, the bet for the end of this year is that this trend will continue. In this sense, in homes, elements that allow the delimitation of spaces but at the same time enhance the connection between the different rooms of the house will prevail.

3. The kitchen… totally hidden or totally open?

Curiously, when it comes to the kitchen, new decoration trends are leaning towards two extremes: either totally hidden or totally open kitchens. 

In the first case, it has much to do with looking for multipurpose, flexible and versatile spaces, since a hidden kitchen at home allows them to gain space, as they camouflage the furniture and its elements thanks to cabinets and even walls. These kitchens are already being widely used in small apartments, as they require making the most of the available space.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, we find what is known as ‘jewel kitchens’, i.e., those that opt to leave everything in sight by choosing appliances that are so beautiful that they look like just another piece of furniture.  

But if you are looking for an intermediate option, don’t worry! There is also a solution that succeeds: integrate the kitchen as much as possible in the environment with appliances that go, more or less, unnoticed.

4. An optimistic touch of color

In the first half of the year, serene colors, warm and neutral tones have predominated, but now, as the end of the pandemic seems to be in sight, vibrant and bright colors are back in the decoration trends.

Society is now more optimistic than at the beginning of the year and this is also reflected in decoration. Color is once again the protagonist of interiors, where we will see more eclectic combinations of both textures and colors, also playing with geometric shapes. Geometry is also one of the 2021 trends, as it brings an artistic plus to any home.

5. A bet on the color green

Through plants our homes will be filled with green color. This decoration trend has been going strong for months and this end of the year will continue to be a non-negotiable complement to our interiors. 

Using plants in decoration helps to clean the air, encourage creativity and increase performance. In addition, many of the indoor plants, such as ficus or monstera, are easy to maintain so they aren鈥檛 an extra effort when it comes to keeping our home in order and well maintained.

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