Mud is the first material that man used and molded, being one of the most used in practically all civilizations. For this reason, it tends to have connotations of tradition and genuine beauty.

In this sense, mud has been related, above all, with the rustic or country style, because of its connection with rural environments and spaces with a classic touch. 

However, trends in decoration are moving towards a return to the origin. Now, they are seeking to create more organic, sustainable and eco-friendly spaces, for which clay is the perfect ally. 

Thus, this material has once again become one of the most appreciated in interior design. Not only in rustic and traditional decorations but also incorporated into many other styles, such as minimalism, wabi-sabi or japandi, avant-garde as they come. 

Decorative qualities of mud 

As for its decorative qualities, mud stands out for its simplicity and its ability to add warmth to the decoration, creating cozier spaces.

An interior design that includes clay in floors, walls or decorative elements manages to increase the feeling of home, making the spaces a place that invites you to stay and be happy. 

It is also a very versatile material that adapts to any interior design and whose aesthetic beauty lasts over time, becoming a timeless decorative option that adapts to decorating trends and never goes out of fashion. 

Clean Rustic Style

The renewal of clay as a material in decoration has given rise to a new decorative style, the Clean Rustic Style, which inherits the values of tradition and home of the classic rustic style but connects much more with the simplicity and visual cleanliness of the most minimalist styles. 

A Clean Rustic interior design could be identified with large spaces of white walls and terracotta floors with simple decorative patterns that give it a more contemporary look. 

To get a little closer to this renewed style, we must take into account a number of keys. Therefore, if you want to decorate your home in Clean Rustic style these are the steps you should follow: 

  • Choose a clean color palette, where white or neutral colors predominate.
  • Add textures to provide contrast.
  • Go for modern lighting that breaks with the classic. 
  • Choose decorative pieces that tell a story and evoke sensations, without overloading the environment. Do not decorate with the aim of filling spaces. 
  • Dare with restored antiques.
  • Break the rules and add elements that remind you of home, without worrying too much about decorative rules. 

After all, traditional materials offer an infinite range of decorative possibilities and adapt to fashions in a simple and natural way. If you are an inquiring mind who loves to play with the decoration of your home, get to know in our magazine all the decorative trends of 2021 and find a way for mud to play a leading role in them. The limit is in your imagination!