Sea views vacation, this is how the new modern Mediterranean style is. If you close your eyes to imagine the room in which to spend a few days of disconnection, surely the modern Mediterranean style reigns, as it is perfect for creating a warm and relaxed atmosphere thanks to its simple and soft interiors. 

Since we discovered the modern Mediterranean style we can not stop seeing it in our favorite places, because it’s trendy! Therefore, in today’s article we want to give the modern Mediterranean style the prominence it deserves and we are going to let you also fall in love with this unique interior style. Let’s do this!

What is the modern Mediterranean style? 

Before the modern Mediterranean style, the Mediterranean style took us to the seashore, highlighting its blue and white colors, its natural fibers and materials and its craftsmanship with a maritime essence.

Now, with the modern Mediterranean style, we maintain the main rules but with more avant-garde and minimalist details, with eco materials and lighter fibers. The personality of a modern Mediterranean environment is calm, and that’s why it follows the rule of “less is more” and creates wide and open spaces full of natural light. The spaces make you think of an organic design but always with a Mediterranean character.

How to decorate a modern Mediterranean house?

We already know that the modern Mediterranean style is a trend that is here to stay, because it is able to provide everything a home needs: light, good taste and serenity. But, how do we apply it in the rooms of a home? Let’s discover how to decorate our home with the modern Mediterranean style with a few simple tips: 

1. A white background, a calm space

To think of the Mediterranean is to think of its predominant colors, earth tones and blues. To transport us to that panoramic view of looking at the sea. These colors are perfect for creating sensations. Therefore, the background color of a modern Mediterranean style house is white, because above it the different colors will be placed to create that calm space.

2. Naked wood

The material that smells like the sea. That’s wood. An element widely used in the ships that sailed the Mediterranean many, many years ago. A perfect material for doors, windows, furniture, etc. Of course, the more natural, the more naked, the older it is, the better it will combine with the modern Mediterranean style.

3. Craftsmanship and organic materials

The passion for craftsmanship of Mediterranean people is an absolute truth. That love is transferred to the interior decoration of the modern Mediterranean style. That’s why we find elements that fit perfectly with the background to form a coherent whole.

Through materials such as clay and mud in vases and decoration, or also through ceramics and worked wood, we can find exclusive pieces that will provide that warm atmosphere with that unique freshness of the Mediterranean.

4. Mediterranean oasis in every room of the house

All rooms in a modern Mediterranean style home are ideal for creating that oasis of peace but two of them deserve special attention: 

A modern Mediterranean style bathroom has to create that place of relaxation through each piece. For example, we can use a large stone bathtub or a basin with natural details.

Another very important room in this style is the Mediterranean outdoors, as it is a key place where you spend a lot of time. Take care of every detail, using materials and decoration that transport you to the seashore. 

5. Let the light into your modern Mediterranean style home

Light will be your greatest ally in your modern Mediterranean style home, so don’t forget to let it into every room (as much as possible). 

And remember that letting light into your home is also compatible with privacy, large windows with linen or cotton curtains, without an excess of opacity, will let in light and will also give an ideal touch to any room.
The time to immerse yourself in the modern Mediterranean style has come. Ah! And if after discovering it you feel like reading more about interior design and decoration, in our Decommunity magazine you will find style references, deco guides and countless other articles.