We analyze mediterranean patio decorating ideas, in search of inspiration

Mediterranean outdoor decorating ideas: A Mediterranean patio is one that has the power to transport you to a warm summer day, and who doesn’t want that? 

The arrival of good weather is the perfect time to tune up your terrace, so in this post we are going to get inspired by some Mediterranean outdoor decorating ideas and review the keys to this style that never goes out of fashion.

The Mediterranean style is one of the most appreciated when it comes to decorating exteriors, however we will review how the popularity of the Mediterranean is not limited exclusively to the decoration of patios but it is a trend that ranges from architecture, to the creation of each space within a home.

What is a Mediterranean style house?

A Mediterranean house is a house built following very specific architectural patterns. Simplicity in the forms, open spaces, good connection between exterior and interior, luminosity and flexibility, are its main characteristics.

This type of housing has its origin, as its name suggests, in areas bathed by the Mediterranean Sea. The coasts of countries such as Spain, Italy or Greece are examples of this type of construction.

In Mediterranean villas or houses, luminosity and the use of white color are sought to reflect the sunlight to the maximum and keep the interior cool in the hottest seasons. Similarly, open spaces allow air to flow and ensure good ventilation. Undoubtedly, a practice inherited from the ancient Roman domus with its system of alaes (windows to the outside that served to illuminate and ventilate the atrium).

Roman domus
Fuente: Ladomusromana

The practices focused on providing comfort in the interior, gave rise to a very special exterior aesthetic. In it the white has a leading role and creates a beautiful contrast with the typical vegetation outside.

Meanwhile, the interiors follow the line of simplicity and practicality and are dressed with organic elements typical of the land.

However, a Mediterranean house is not the same as a Mediterranean-style house, and while not everyone can own a house by the sea, anyone can bring a little piece (or a good chunk) of this style into their home.

Therefore, a Mediterranean style house is one that gathers the main aesthetic elements of this style: colors, materials, furniture and applies them to perfection in the decoration of the different rooms of the home.

How to decorate a Mediterranean style house?

To decorate a house in Mediterranean style, and of course to apply it to the decoration of your terrace, it is essential to know the different elements that characterize it.

Let’s review some of its key elements, before focusing on how to apply them to our terrace.


The furniture of simple, practical and functional lines are the chosen ones in this decorative style. Wood, wicker, rattan and wrought iron are some of the favorite materials. The goal is to have furniture that can be lived in and enjoyed, without worries. Avoid very strident furniture, opt for beautiful, handcrafted and versatile furniture.

Mediterranean colors

Blues will help you bring a little piece of the sea to your home: indigo, navy or turquoise, all of them match perfectly with this style. In addition, earth tones, mud, ocher or olive green are perfect options to take you on a trip to the Mediterranean landscape.

Materials and elements 

Cotton, wicker, linen, wood, clay, wrought iron, glass…all organic and natural materials have a place in Mediterranean decoration. 

Wicker baskets, old glass jars, earthenware vessels and many other traditionally functional elements have become protagonists when it comes to decorating spaces.

Flowers and Aromatic Plants

If there is something characteristic of the Mediterranean, it is its aroma of sea and wild flowers. There cannot be a Mediterranean terrace or a Mediterranean home without plants.

Aromatic herbs and wildflowers are a central element in Mediterranean culture and are used in areas as diverse as cooking and decoration.

They are a must have if you want to achieve a Mediterranean style of decoration.

mediterranean terace

The importance of light

Light is essential, since on the Mediterranean coast the sun shines most of the year. Although we can not hijack that shining sun (we wish we could), we can do everything we can to bring more light into the rooms. 

How can we increase the light, easy, choose white, cream, neutral and as light as possible for your walls. In addition, you can opt for sheers or translucent curtains that allow as much light as possible.

How to make a Mediterranean Patio

Whether you want to decorate your patio in Mediterranean style as if it is a much larger outdoor space, these tips are extensible to every corner of your home. 

As we have seen before, in Mediterranean homes the separation between indoors and outdoors is diluted. That is why when decorating we will try to ensure that continuity between spaces through the different decorative elements.

mediterranean patio

Mediterranean outdoor decoration ideas : Patios & terraces

Let’s review the elements that can not be missed in a Mediterranean patio or exterior if we want it to be beautiful.

Vegetation adapted to the space

If you enjoy the privilege of having a large garden, plants will not be a problem for you. On the contrary, if you have a small terrace you can opt for planters at different heights, plant walls or even artificial grass.

Some plants that you can add to your Mediterranean decoration are: lavender, rosemary, jasmine, sunflowers, aloe vera, camaedorea, bougainvillea…

If you have a large plot of land, add trees such as olive or lemon trees. In addition, to complete the atmosphere, you can include natural field stones, gravel or tree trunks, and clay or sand.

The objective is to recreate as much as possible the Mediterranean vegetation landscape in your terrace or garden. So, you must include plants.

Mediterranean outdoor furniture

There is nothing more Mediterranean than a combination of outdoor furniture in wood. Wood is omnipresent in Mediterranean decoration and even more so when it comes to patios and terraces.

Its resistance, warmth and beauty make most people opt for wooden pieces as the central axis in the decoration of their exterior.

Furniture in wicker, rattan or these materials combined with wood, also looks fabulous. 


Wrought iron chairs are also allowed, although as we have seen before, when in doubt choose wood, it is warmer.

Let the beauty of the space and comfort prevail. The key is that the environment invites you to spend a lot of time outdoors, something that happens naturally in coastal areas because of the warm temperatures and the coziness of the spaces.

Bring warmth to your outdoors

Make your outdoors as warm as the rest of your home. With organic materials, handcrafted products and color contrasts, you will surely achieve this.

A good idea would be to add a seating area with soft sofas, cotton cushions or sun loungers.

Decorate every corner to bring life to your terrace without complicating it with too many elaborate elements. We have already mentioned that a wicker basket, an old glass carafe or a clay bowl can be your best allies.

Comfort, warmth and functionality should be your mantra when choosing.

Very Mediterranean textiles

Linen and cotton are two of the Mediterranean textiles par excellence. They are present in curtains, net curtains, towels, cushions, tablecloths, and of course they adapt perfectly to any space.

To think of Mediterranean textiles is to think of flowing sheers, billowing in the wind under the sun and cotton towels stretched out on the beach.

Mediterranean style outdoor decoration 

Mediterranean decoration conquers us just as the people of its coasts do. A hedonistic, cheerful and relaxed lifestyle is what these spaces evoke in which we would like to stay forever. 

In outdoor decoration, the Mediterranean style is undoubtedly one of the favorites. The main reason is that in few places you live outdoors as much as in these coasts and therefore, this decorative style has evolved a lot in that sense. Another reason is that because of its simplicity and beauty, it has become a totally timeless and versatile style, which can be easily adapted to the times by including more modern elements.


Surely you too can adapt it perfectly to your exteriors or even the rest of your home with the keys that we have just reviewed.

We hope we have helped you with these tips to decorate your terrace in Mediterranean style. If you are looking for more Mediterranean outdoor decorating ideas go follow @_designhomedecor