Wood has always been part of architecture, decoration and interior design. Decorating with wood never goes out of fashion and is present in trends throughout the decades as it combines beauty, quality and authenticity. That is why wood trends are becoming more and more the protagonist of the most avant-garde interior design.

Wood is a trend in its own right and has the ability to go from vintage to rustic to contemporary with naturalness and freshness. It is warm, comfortable to the eye and pleasant to the touch, as chic as it is cosy. 

Likewise, its natural origin maximises the feeling of tranquillity and relaxation in any space, but it also has a great capacity to amaze, as it is elegant and timeless. 

The keys of wood trends

The first people to use wood as an essential decorative material were the Scandinavians, as it helped them to cope with the freezing climate that characterises them. However, very soon the strong influence of the Nordic style made wood become a key element in homes, adapting to the new decorative trends. 

The main reason for decorating with wood is that this material contributes to making spaces more welcoming, providing serenity and warmth. Another fundamental aspect is its organic origin, which brings us closer to nature, creating more harmonious and pleasant atmospheres. 

Furthermore, it is easy to combine with any other type of materials and decorative styles. Thus, we not only find wood in floor and wall coverings, but also in furniture, stairs and small decorative details in all rooms. 

5 reasons to bet on wood trends

All its decorative virtues show that wood is enough in itself to give life to a room, but why is it so magnetic? There are 5 key reasons why wood makes us fall in love with it the way it does:  

It is simple

Its simplicity makes it the perfect element to combine with any decoration, providing that genuineness typical of noble materials. 

Wood has presence

In all possible combinations it brings personality and sophistication, it is a sure hit. 

It inspires Nordic airs

The Scandinavian style based on minimalism and the beauty of simplicity is one of the most appreciated in interior design, and wood is one of its bases, filling all rooms with magic. 

Wood is elegant

Elegance never goes out of fashion, that’s why wood is the trend that always remains. 

And, of course, it’s beautiful

Cosy and peaceful, wood invites you to linger but also transports you to a place where you will always find peace. 

In short, wood is one of the great classics of decoration that is gaining more and more relevance, becoming the protagonist of any home. Visit our Instagram profile @_designhomedecor to get inspired by this decoration trend.