“True furniture icons don’t create themselves. Laskasas classics are born from our clients’ distinctive choices”. Celso Lascasas, founder & CEO.

This statement is the hallmark of the new Laskasas collection. This brand has launched its new catalogue for 2021 in which they escape from furniture conventions to embrace a different kind of silhouettes and materials combinations. Far from being static, they stand for functionality, forms, comfort and balance.

The Portuguese brand has established its reputation as a leading furniture firm creating spaces with a certain feeling that work has hubs of energy in any project. And the new collection is no stranger to the know-how of this important brand. In order to shape it, Laskasas has created a manifesto divided into 5 acts that focus on five different spaces in the house.

2021 Laskasas new catalogue

Its new collection is full of a luxury and extensive selection of furniture, lighting, upholstery and home accessories, all of them designed to meet the needs of their buyers and every specific project. Tables, chairs, storage, sofas, armchairs, beds, mirrors or lamps have a place in this incredible catalogue.

What does Laskasas stand for?

For Laskasas, “decorating life is a marvellous adventure” so they have created 5 acts to enhance the value of interior design. For them, furniture and decoration aren’t just products or pieces but they are a contribution to making stunning first impressions, cosy nooks, and enjoying spaces.

Act 1. The act of standing for a fabulous first impression

The home entry is the first thing any visitor sees when entering a house so it has to be inviting. In the new Laskasas collection, they propose entrance hall decors with a lot of personality and style (no matter what’s the style that suits you or your project better). The juxtaposition between simplicity, minimalism, chic design, and high quality details is the key to success of this brand.

In here, two designs stand out: the Zurique console, an elegant wooden piece with golden details, perfect for either modern or classic entrance halls. 

Zurique console - a piece of Laskasas furniture 2021

And the Tanny mirror, a large circular mirror, a beautiful piece made out of metal that every well-designed home must have.

Tanny mirror laskasas new collection furniture

Act 2. The act of standing for perfect cozy days

Now it’s the turn for living room decors, one of the most important parts of the house since it is where we spend most of our time, either with family or friends. In Laskasas new collection we would like to focus on 4 incredible pieces that will help you create a cozy and warm atmosphere.

First of all, Harry modular sofa is a striking seating piece, fully upholstered, smooth and comfortable sofa for inviting homes. 

Harry modular sofa from Laskasas furniture

A living room is inconceivable without a coffee table and this is where Lua has a leading role. It’s composed of two centrepieces that elevate the style of any living room. With its round shape and different sizes, these are two sophisticated furniture designs inspired by the unique shape of the moon.

Lua coffe table for a living room by Laskasas

Another key piece in the design of a living room is the TV cabinet. Laskasas proposal is a mid-century piece that exhales charm and which has been called Dean. The stunning polished marble top is supported by a wood structure. The golden stainless steel brings a luxury touch to this piece and creates a balanced contrast with the dark wood.

Dean TV cabinet for a stylish living room by Laskasas collection

Finally, every living room deserves a reading corner and the one-of-a-kind  armchair Ambrose is here to make it true. 

Ambrose armchair from Laskasas collection

Act 3. The act of standing for truly multi-functional spaces

That’s how Laskasas understands the dining room decors: as a really multi-functional space created and designed for everyday use. But, what makes a dining room actually functional? A great dining table, storage space and comfortable and lovely chairs.

Dining room by Laskasas new furniture

In the picture we can see the Eda dining table, a robust piece that gives style and glamour to any space combined with Rick sideboard, that will define the entire dining room concept. 

On the other hand, Laskasas presents the Ambrose chair in its new collection. A piece that will give a warm and cosy mood to any room as it’s made in soft fabrics. Uniqueness and personality is guaranteed.

Ambrose chair by Laskasas new collection

Act 4. The act of standing for a good night’s sleep

Time for one of the warmest and most relaxing places in the house: the bedroom. Laskasas includes furniture for this room in its new catalogue and it’s just as amazing and glamourous as the pieces for the rest of the home.

In the first place, the piece par excellence of any bedroom: the bed. Anny bed is Laskasas proposal and its an upholstered bed with several customization options and, regardless of your choices, it will always be ideal for cosy bedrooms. By its side, the Lady bedside table is the perfect option for classic style lovers thanks to its timeless design.

Bedroom decoration by Laskasas new collection

The new Laskasas collection also focuses on the details that make a bedroom unique and personal, such as accessories like a dressing table or a pouf. 

Rosie dressing table is an iconic feminine piece that adds elegance to any bedroom and that explores mid-century style with seductive lines while Bur pouf is a brilliantly crafted upholstered pouf with elegant lines.

Bur Pouf by Laskasas

Act 5. The act of standing for greater motivation and creativity

The last of Laskasas’ acts is focused on the home office decoration to create a space where motivation and creativity flow. To achieve it, you’ll need a nice desk, a comfortable chair and a large bookcase. And, of course, you can get all of them from new Laskasas’ collection.

Dara Desk gives a minimalist feel to any room thanks to its clean silhouette. A wooden writing desk perfect for any office or workspace.

Dara desk for home offices with style by Laskasas

Robson chair is a subtle seating piece for modern home offices. Its comfortable armrests and metallic structure provide full support for those who have to spend time working from home.

An incredible chair for home offices by Laskasas furniture

Last one, d’Arc bookcase is a stunning combination of materials that can be placed against a wall to create functional and charming home offices.

bookcase by Laskasas furniture

About Laskasas

Established in the city of Porto (Portugal) in 2003, Laskasas is a furniture design brand renowned for creating handmade furniture, upholstery and metalwork pieces, for residential and commercial projects. 

Laskasas collections strive to honour and elevate Portuguese heritage of craftsmanship. Its style is influenced by the contemporary reinterpretation of the Scandinavian functionality, the Italian luxury and the French glamour. All this with comfort in mind, that doesn’t have a nationality or particular roots. 

With long-lasting expertise, Laskasas pieces are available worldwide. Also, you can take a virtual tour of its virtual showroom to discover more about these pieces and all the ones that make up the marvelous Laskasas’ new catalogue.