Created to create. This is the new project of life, art, painting, design and meetings of Joan Lao and Adalina Coromines

We discover the latest project carried out by the design studio of the prestigious designer and architect, Joan Lao, in collaboration with Africa Lao, and which also has an exhibition of the artist Adalina Coromines. An oasis for creativity of 25 hectares in the middle of the Baix Emporda, region in Girona (Spain), where it is possible to live and create in a healthy way.

Living and creating in a healthy way: the new project of Joan Lao

Joan Lao, internationally recognized avant-garde designer and architect with more than 3,000 projects completed during his 22 years of performance and conceptualization, presents a new project that combines his professional space and his personal environment. Together with the painter Adalina Coromines, who has put the artistic finishing touch to the walls of the Catalan farmhouse, they have created an oasis of creativity in which to live.

After five years of searching for an ideal environment in which to bring this project to life, the 17th century Catalan farmhouse located in Girona has allowed them to create all the spaces required by the initial idea. It has 800 m2 of building space divided into: Adalina Coromines’ painting studio, Joan Lao’s creative studio, reception areas, exhibition space for paintings, exhibition and presentation of products designed by Joan Lao’s studio, experimentation rooms, photographic stages and personal living spaces.

To live in a JOAN LAO environment is to live in an atmosphere of balance and peace

La conceptualización es una parte fundamental de cada proyecto de Joan Lao, y siguiendo esa búsqueda de la belleza simple y auténtica, y con un aire wabi sabi y minimalista que tanto caracteriza al diseñador, Baix Empordà Studio es un espacio creado para crear.

Conceptualization is a fundamental part of each project of Joan Lao, and following this search for simple and authentic beauty, and with an air of wabi sabi and minimalist style that characterizes the designer. Baix Empordà Studio is a space created to create.

The design concept was based on making the most of the original structural elements, materials and textures, while introducing the necessary technological elements to achieve an optimum level of comfort.

Baix Empordà Studio’s project has merged the aesthetics and concepts impregnated in each work of Joal Lao, but working on not distorting the original details. To do this, they have carried out a meticulous control of process, concept, textures and general coloring.

The result, a place to connect personal and creative life in a simple and healthy way. A space where nature is the muse of inspiration. The perfect place where new ideas are born.

Baix Empordà Studio: a project with philosophy of life

An estate of 25 hectares of totally virgin land surrounded by nature located in the heart of Baix Emporda, in the town of Cruilles, Girona, in the natural park of Les Gavarres. It has a XVII century building, completely built in natural stone with the techniques of the time and with ecological materials.

The project has maintained the original values of the building and the landscape, and has been carried out in a holistic method, taking into account all the aspects involved: concept, environment, architecture, interior design, the plastic, aesthetic, ecological and sustainable part. 

Baix Empordà Studio is totally autonomous and energy self-sufficient, both the electricity, which is produced by solar panels, and the water, which is recovered from the subsoil of an original well of the property, as well as the heating system, which uses the wood boiler that the building used to have. In addition, being located in the middle of nature, there is no noise, visual or electromagnetic pollution.

Baix Empordà Studio Project

Pictorial work: Adalina Coromines

Photography: Eugeni Pons