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Interior Design Projects

Interior design projects executed by the best professionals worldwide. We work with the best interior architects to build spaces that those who immerse themselves in them will fall in love with. No matter the scope of your project, we connect you with professionals who have solutions tailored to your needs and work focused on excellence. Find the best interior design professionals online.

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Decoration Projects

Interior design and decoration projects customized for each client. If your home or business needs a design or redesign, you are in the right place. Our partners are experts in defining and executing successful interior design and decoration projects, both new and renovations and redesigns.

Request information or a quote to decorate a home or business without obligation. We will find the perfect online decoration project for you.
And if you only need to decorate a room, do not hesitate to fill out our form. In our network of professionals we will find the ideal person to meet your needs: bedroom decoration, living room decoration, terrace decoration, kitchen decoration…

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Interior design & interior decoration

We offer comprehensive interior design and decoration projects that include:

– Interior architecture & decoration,
– Exclusive interior design projects (reforms, space redistribution).
– Exclusive decoration projects

Our wide network of professionals is expert in the development of global projects, obtaining impeccable results and reducing both execution times and the worries of those who hire their services.

Each project is different, that is why our partners are able to adapt to the demands of each client and offer the best solutions, depending on the case.

Whether for a project that includes interior design and decoration or exclusively one of both disciplines, we can help you achieve the space of your dreams.

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What we do?

Each project we carry out is unique and exclusive We accompany you at all times to establish a relationship of trust.

We connect individuals and companies with the professionals they need at all times. Our partners are experts in the development of interior design projects for individuals and businesses.

Home interior design

We find the perfect professional for your home renovation. Interior design of houses of all types, for integral or partial reforms that seek to give the houses a renewed air.

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Office design

Modern office design adapted to the style and identity of your project. Our network of professionals carries out workspace design projects, from structural design to office interior design. Working is more pleasant when it is done in a pleasant space and made to perform. Tell us more about your project and receive a quote tailored to your project needs.

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Restaurant & Modern Bar design

Design of leisure spaces.

– Architectural design of restaurants that seek to maximize the experience of enjoyment of its customers. It is no longer enough to surprise the palate of your customers. Social networks have highlighted a reality that we already knew: good foodies value the environment as part of their dining experience, so a quality design is now essential for any restaurant.

– Hotel design: Architecture and interior design for hotels that seek distinction, offering added value to their guests. Design makes the difference when it comes to falling in love, don’t you think?

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store design adapted to the needs of each client. Our partners take care of the architectural planning, interior design and execution of all types of retail projects. If you dream of having your own business, we help you to make it come true: fashion store design, gourmet store design…

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Integral architecture and interior design solutions

Project conceptualization

Do you need advice to start your interior design project? We help you with its definition, sketching and conceptualization.

Interior design projects

We take care of the total supply of everything you need for your global interior design project.

360º Projects

Definition and complete execution of the house of your dreams: Interior design & Decoration

Why choose our services?

Full service company

In Decommunity we offer an integral interior design service and we work with you in all phases of the project: conceptualization, initial plans, visual presentations, infographics, 3D…

All you can imagine…

Everything you can imagine can be made real in Decommunity. Furnishings, decoration, lighting, coverings, textiles... And if it doesn't exist, we create it.

Worldwide Service

For us there are no barriers or borders. We carry out integral projects all over the world and you will feel very close to us because we will be advising and supporting you during the whole process: from the design to the materialization of the project.


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