To share is to live, and if what is shared has as much value as knowledge and culture about a discipline, it is even more enriching. 

The most usual thing when you鈥檙e interested in a field such as interior design is to follow the most important figures to inspire you in your projects or also, some personalities who are beginning to stand out in the sector and who you should keep track of. Now, thanks to social media, it is much easier to be in contact with people we admire and know more about their projects and even their lives.

There are many interior designers on Instagram worth following, because their work is a true work of art or because through their Instagram they open the door to their aspirations and ways of working. Or even, because they provide you constant sources of inspiration and it is a way to be in touch with trends and professionals. For all these reasons, we have made a list with the 15 best interior designers you must follow on Instagram. Let’s get inspired!

  1. Kelly Wearstler

“To my thinking there is no place for rigidity in design. A constant evolution is what inspires”. The most inspiring thing is the constant evolution but it is also to follow interior designers like Kelly Weastler. An American designer whose extensive background has made her shine in every project she has been involved in.  

She founded in the mid-1990s her own design firm, Kelly Wearstler Interior Design (KWID), under which has managed to become a household name among celebrities, signing many of Hollywood’s most important houses. She has also written four books: Rhapsody, Hue, Domicilium Decoratus and Modern Glamour: The Art of Unexpected Style.

She鈥檚 known for a style far from moderate spaces and for her own character, that will not leave you indifferent. Kelly will bring you closer to flashy colors, large maxi elements and to always leave a vintage piece as a signature.

2. Casa Josephine

An inspiring duo. This is how we could define the team of designers behind Casa Josephine, a design studio created in 2012 by I帽igo Arag贸n and Pablo L贸pez Navarro. Two professionals ‘made in Spain’ who studied Art History, Fashion Design and Photography, arts that we see impregnated in their interior design projects. 

They carry out both residential and commercial projects and they have a very personal style, with very artistic identifiers of ancient Greece, Roman architecture or theater. They are pure creativity and that is why they have a place in this list of interior inspiration on Instagram.

  1. Jean Porsche

The happiness of an interior. That is what Jean Porsche achieves in his projects. He was born in Mexico but lives since 2004 in Madrid, where he has grown his resume in an impeccable way, as are his works.

He studied architecture and in 2010 he founded his architecture and interior design studio. Later, in 2013, he opened a showroom to show his interior world and unique and singular projects. His style transmits energy, plays with colors and manages to maintain a refined and elegant character.

  1. Lorenzo Castillo

A mixture of coherence and harmony would be the quote that better could define Lorenzo Castillo. He studied Art History in Madrid and in the nineties he started his career in antiques, opening his own store. That is why his interiors are recognizable by the pieces he uses, managing to create complete spaces full of magic. 

Lorenzo has worked for major firms such as Loewe and has carried out large projects such as the Costume Museum in Madrid. His style is characterized by its neoclassical but simple touches. He is delicate in his choice of pieces and he makes sure that everything generates a unique harmony.

  1. Christian Liaigre

When a great designer like Christian Liaigre is gone, his essence lives on. That is why we recommend Liaigre’s Instagram account, as it continues to be as inspiring as he was.

French by birth, Liaigre is the interior designer of minimalism and this is endorsed by his works and projects. Always standing out for a balanced perfectionism. He is known for his interiors in luxury homes but he also carried out two projects that gave him greater prestige: the Montalembert Hotel in Paris and the Mercer Hotel in New York.

Some of his favorite materials to design were wood, leather and bronze, so most of what he created was impregnated with that essence. As well as well-measured simplicity, achieving warm, soft and natural environments.

  1. Emily Henderson

Emily Henderson is an influencer with lots of decorating ideas. She started about ten years ago creating a blog where she wrote about her passion, design and decoration. Now she is a source of inspiration for many people who find in her good ideas for their home.聽

The best thing about Emily is Emily. And through her Instagram you can get to know how she and her team work, as they document each project from the beginning to the end. With a very current style, it is ideal to find the most everyday inspiration. 

  1. Dabito

Dabito is the founder of Old Brand New, a creative studio specializing in design, art direction, branding and photography. He is known for his creative use of color, the perfect combination of modern and vintage pieces and his eagerness for DIY. 

With an electric and very personal style, he has conquered Instagram, standing out as one of the interior design influencers to follow. A full color with touches of good taste. 

  1. Ana Milena Hernandez

Ana Milena Hernandez was born in Bogota in 1982, but moved to Spain when she came of age to continue nurturing her character and creative talent. After finishing her interior design studies and having worked in an architecture studio, she decided to develop her own style, creating her company Masqueespacio. 

Behind Masqueespacio is also his co-funder and partner, Christophe Penasse. Both combine their originality to perfection and imbue it in their projects. 

A style where materials and textures are put in value, creating a very personal, very unique universe. 

  1. Katty Schiebeck

“I like to find balance in a space where functionality and aesthetics are combined in a way where each element can stand on its own鈥. Katty Schiebeck is a promising young interior designer. She stands out for a minimalist and mature style, with Scandinavian airs.

A self-taught young woman of Uruguayan origin based in Barcelona. Her interiors are making their way around the world, so every day she has a greater recognition in the sector. She is a professional to follow closely because we will hear about her.

  1. Studio McGee

Shea and Syd Mcgee are an American couple that have created their own studio: Studio McGee. They carry out projects that you can follow through their Instagram. 

They have also developed a decoration brand with pieces that they design themselves and that they incorporate into their account and their projects. They have a very fresh style, with a rural and Nordic air. In their account you will be able to find daily interior design inspiration.

  1. Isabel L贸pez-Quesada

A vocation for beauty. This is how the style of interior designer Isabel L贸pez-Quesada is defined. A professional with thirty years of experience, she makes spaces shine for their simplicity, femininity and relaxation. Some of her most important works have been the corporate headquarters for companies such as White & Case or her work in Spanish embassies in cities like Tokyo, Doha or Dakar.

Her style stands out for being eclectic and managing to mix other currents and more contemporary trends. Spaces where the English shabby or French country appears. For Isabel “a house, like a person, must combine traditions and modernity”.

  1. Ryan Korban

Ryan Korban is a young interior designer who has carved a niche for himself in the industry with his sleek, contemporary style. As he has said, “he makes luxury for a new generation”.

He has recently published his first book, ‘Ryan Korban: Interiors‘, where he brings together his major projects so far. With a fresh and modern style, he knows how to bring his essence and good taste to each project. In addition, you can see his taste for big brands and luxury in his interiors.

  1. Miriam Al铆a Studio

The joy that will not leave you indifferent, so are the works of Miriam Al铆a. The interior designer with a sweet and optimistic style where every detail is designed to contribute to the space. 

Her style is colorful but also pieces that add up and create atmospheres. With a personality very impregnated in her projects, Miriam is one of the interior designer accounts that you should follow, because she brings inspiration in every post she publishes. 

  1. Justina Blakeney

Justina Blakeney is an American interior designer who stands out for her boho style. The publication of her first book ‘The New Bohemians: Cool and Collected Homes‘, was very well received by the public.

With a very characteristic style, she has managed to be an influence in the industry. And not only that, also, through her project Jungalow, a design and lifestyle blog, she promotes the care of our green ecosystem. 

  1. Andr茅s Reisinger

Andr茅s Reisinger is pure inspiration. Or rather, pure pink inspiration. We couldn’t finish this list of interior designers you have to follow on Instagram without him. Born in Argentina, Andr茅s Reisinger is an interior designer (and also a product designer and a designer of digital and futuristic 3D landscapes). A professional who stands out for surrealism and who is gradually making his creations, as dreamlike as they are attractive, a reality. 

Less than a year ago he brought to the world, along with other professionals, Hortensia, a chair that of course had to be pink. In his Instagram we find inspiration and for sure, we will see how he carries out many more spaces from his mind to our reality.

Probably, if you have visited the Instagram of these 15 interior designers, you will have rediscovered some professionals you already knew and we will also have introduced you to some new inspiring profiles to follow. 

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