The turn of the year is approaching. It is the perfect time to renew and get inspired by the latest in interior design. Today we want to give you a preview of some interior design trends that are coming on strong for 2022. 

In Decommunity we have often emphasized the differences between decoration and interior design. Although they are complementary universes, they are not at all the same. In the same way that a marketing specialist and a branding specialist are not the same, an interior designer and a decorator do not work in identical areas.

Interior design deals more deeply with spaces, analyzing their structures and their architectural dimension. Their job is not to furnish or dress the rooms, but to study the architecture of a specific space, to complement and enrich it. Therefore, his work focuses on the distribution of spaces in a specific way and his will is to harmonize its volumes taking into account its lighting, textures and decoration. To a large extent, we could say that the soul of a true interior designer is divided into 50% architect and 50% decorator.

And now, let’s see what are the interior design trends for the coming year. Take note because soon you will start to see them everywhere: interior design magazines, trend documentaries, shop windows, trade fairs…

1. Multifunctional and resilient spaces

Versatility already ruled our daily reality before 2019 and what to say since COVID has shaken up our lives. We have had to relearn how to organize our routines, work and social relationships. All of this has had a decisive impact on our home and has affected how we design spaces and adapt them to new functions such as telecommuting, home sports or relaxation.

Tendencias interiorismo openspace

More than ever, we are designing our home as a den, a true refuge for our personal well-being. In this sense, trends for 2022 continue to point to the creation of multipurpose and open spaces influenced by the openspace and loftspace concepts. Resources such as: the elimination of walls, the application of transparent walls, frosted and semi-opaque glass, sliding walls and doors or even large integrated lattices will continue to prevail.

Within this trend in interior design that prioritizes multifunctionality, rooms or corners of the home that were previously secondary are revalued. Terraces and balconies continue to play an important role and the spaces of the house are reused to design them ergonomically, so as to allow teleworking with computer equipment.

2. Natural lighting and inspiration

Another of the big interior design trends in 2022 is also motivated by the experiences of the last years and is that most of us have missed the natural light in our daily lives. Lots and lots of light!

Designing bright and airy spaces will be a must in our lives. High ceilings and large windows with access to exterior views will be imposed by the great sense of freedom they offer.

As for artificial lighting, much of the interior design will continue to bet on LED technology both in the use of light profiles, such as recessed lights and LED strips. The industrial style will continue to trend with its large-format metal lamps while the more cozy Shabby Chic style trends will continue to bet on traditional fabric lamps and lamps with natural materials such as jute, coconut and cotton fibers.

The spaces in our homes will be further designed with plant-based and eco-sustainable materials because they promote both fresh air and our positive sense of responsibility towards the planet. The ecohome trend will continue to dominate in the design of thermal insulation, the use of solar paneling and the application of domestic water recycling systems.

Similarly, the creation of spaces with home gardens, home gardening, natural indoor plants and preserved plant panels will be a trend. By extension, high quality and durable decorative complements created in wood and resources such as natural textures, floral designs and wallpapers will also play a key role in supporting interior design.

3. Fusion of trends and styles

Personal freedom and individuality will prevail in 2022 over proposals with unique styles for the entire home. One of the most striking trends for this new year will be the generation of a new type of personal living space. From Man Caves we will also move on to the design of Girl Caves: individual adult spaces for leisure personalized with large libraries, screens, bar counters, technological gadgets and tools to develop hobbies for both genders such as crafts, DIY, sewing, video games, etc.

In general, interior designers will play to mix styles in a soft way for the different rooms of the home. Vintage, retro and recycling aesthetics will be back, as well as super different trends such as neoclassical style. Meanwhile, Pop Art and Memphis style will be renewed with new Synthwave touches thanks to the new possibilities of neon LED lighting.

Minimalism will also continue to be one of the favorite styles of 2022 for its generation of neutral, spacious and bright environments. Modular and adaptable furniture will be a great ally of the minimalist style. Another of its possible combinations will be with Bold type furniture, generating rooms where the voluminous curves will break with the linearity of the rest of the rooms.

Among the must-have for interior design in 2022 also highlights the recovery of marble as a noble and timeless material. Wall surfaces, floors, even furniture will apply natural or simulated marble as textures. From traditional proposals such as red marble will also evolve towards the use of Electric Marble, especially in shades of electric blue, gold and fuchsia to spectacularize some spaces.

Finally, the color trends that will burst in 2022 will break with the coldness of Nordic design that has dominated in recent years. Wall coverings and surfaces in muted tones such as indigo blue, anthracite, viridian, earthy tones and copper will be recovered.

Now you have the keys to the interior design trends for 2022. If you need more inspiration and want to be informed of the latest news about decoration, architecture and interior design, subscribe to our newsletter!