How to decorate a long, narrow corridor is one of the most difficult decorating tasks. And the fact is that, almost always, in all homes, we have a long, narrow corridor that is of no interest to us, nor does it offer us any decorative stimuli.

Why do all homes have corridors? Because corridors have always been and still are part of the construction of the house.

The use of corridors facilitates circulation inside the home, in many cases, separating the main rooms from the service areas.

However, it is true that we think that it is a waste of space and money if we take into account the square metres that some corridors occupy and that cannot be used for other functions beyond circulation or the storage of books on shelves.

Nevertheless, corridors are often unavoidable and play a role in the layout of a home.

Therefore, the best thing to do is to decorate the corridor of our house and make the most of it. How? From Decommunity we are going to reveal some tips on how to decorate a long and narrow corridor.

Tips and tricks on how to decorate a long, narrow corridor

Decorating a corridor and turning it into a pleasant and warm space is not always an easy task. They are corners that are not inviting and do not have the necessary space to be functional and practical.

However, there are always alternatives that improve the appearance, and they are often easier to implement than it seems.

We are going to transform your hallway so that it stops being a hostile place and becomes a dynamic and interesting space, perfectly integrated into the interior design of your home.

Let’s go!

1. Break with symmetry

Symmetry normally causes a visual lengthening of the space. Therefore, the solution is to break with this symmetry in order to create asymmetry, which always achieves the opposite effect.

This is probably the most commonly used trick in long corridors, and one of the ones that best conceals their length.
How to do it? It’s very easy:

  • If you want to paint or use wallpaper, it might be better to do it on one side only or on a one-off basis.
  • If you are thinking of renovating, avoid putting doors opposite each other in the corridor. This way you are sure to break the symmetry.
  • Try not to put pictures of the same size on both sides of the corridor.
  • If possible, avoid placing a striking piece of furniture at the end of the corridor. Placing the spotlight at the end of the corridor will give an endless feeling of that room.

2. Choose carpet runners

To generate the warmth and elegance that a long, wide hallway needs, the most commonly used resources are the hallway rugs. There are many types such as: vintage prints, Persian, natural fibres, shaggy style (popular and fun style, with a mixture of materials ranging from pure wool to synthetic fabrics, contemporary, bold or colourful patterns) 鈥 You are sure to find a pattern to your liking.

Depending on the length of your hallway, you should place one or two rugs at a certain distance from each other to shorten the space.

A detail to bear in mind is that you should always choose a rug that is a little narrower than the width of the corridor to generate amplitude.

3. Make the most of the hallway to create storage spaces

Sometimes we have a very long corridor and we wonder how to decorate a long and narrow corridor. Well, if you have little storage space at home, solve this problem by placing a series of chests of drawers in a row on one of the walls.

You can use the inside of the chests of drawers to store what you need and, on top, you can place objects such as flower pots, vases, photo frames and sculptures.

Tip: if the corridor is narrow, it is best to opt for white chests of drawers. White always makes the hallway look wider and will prevent it from appearing narrower.

4. Choose good lighting

A home should always have good light. And if there were natural light, it would be wonderful! However, this is not always possible and even less so if we have a corridor that has no rooms in between. So it tends to be a dark corridor.

Good lighting can totally change the atmosphere and the effect of a space.

Therefore, a good alternative to adding ceiling lamps or recessed spotlights are LED strips to create a warm ambient lighting.

5. Decorate with pictures and photo frames

How do you decorate a long corridor with pictures? By creating a gallery of pictures, photos or illustrations on the walls. If you don’t want to drill holes, you can place them on a shelf or ledge, or even use adhesive strips to hang them.

However, it is important not to overload the walls with pictures and/or photos, as this can have the opposite effect.

6. Place mirrors

Do you want to know how to decorate a long, narrow corridor with mirrors? Mirrors increase the sense of depth. Therefore, in a long, narrow corridor, the feeling of a tunnel is avoided.

Placing mirrors increases the width of the corridor by reflecting what is on the wall and this produces an effect of doubling the space.

You can make a glass wall full of mirrors, or place a mirror across the width to give depth to the space.

We know that maintaining a glass wall is a lot of work, so a free-standing mirror does the same job and is easier to maintain. It doesn’t matter which mirror you choose, or how you place it, if you have the possibility to place a mirror in your hallway, do it.

7. Make the most of color

Paint is one of the most powerful resources we have when it comes to transforming a specific space to give it a completely different meaning to the one it has.

If you have ever wondered what colour to use in a long corridor, a trick that works is to paint the back wall with a dark colour that will make it look shorter.

If the ceiling is too high, an alternative is to paint it a deep colour, other than white, to visually “lower” it and make it look wider, as well as making the room look more welcoming.

You can also play with skirting boards and wainscoting to escape from the monotony of a plain wall.

Both walls and ceilings are a great resource for decorating a long corridor.

8. Prepare a flirtatious hallway

If the hallway coincides with the entrance to the house, make the most of the space to create a pleasant corner with a bench to take off your shoes and a coat rack where you can hang jackets and coats when you get home.

If you want to complete the corner and you have a space, take the opportunity to place a piece of furniture in the entrance hall where you can leave your keys and decorate it with photos or baskets with flowers that will always add a flirtatious touch to this space.

We hope we have been useful with these tips on how to decorate a long and narrow hallway to make yours a pleasant and comfortable space. Discover more interior design and decoration tips in our magazine.

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