Small spaces, big ideas. And we are faithful believers that size, in decoration, does not matter. So if you have a small space to set up your bedroom, don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place! Here you will find infallible tips to learn how to decorate a small bedroom.

The three most important pillars to achieve it are: simplicity, practicality and charm. It is the perfect formula to combine functionality, aesthetics and style that requires any room, no matter how small it is. Even small bedrooms can be spectacular.

In the end, the goal when decorating a bedroom is to create a warm, cozy place that invites rest and relaxation. It is the place where we dream. Therefore, no matter how much space do you have, the important thing is to know how to arrange the elements to achieve the best possible result. So, decorating a small bedroom is easy if you know how (and here we鈥檒l find how to do it).

Ideas for decorating a small bedroom

They say that good things come in small packages and here we want to show that this same quote is true for decorating bedrooms. We can find great examples of tiny bedrooms that are authentic aesthetic temples and in which nothing is missing and nothing is left over. So, get inspired.

1. Aesthetic room ideas to decorate a small bedroom

When decorating any bedroom, betting on the maxim “less is more” is always a good idea, since it is a place in the house meant to rest. So if you fill it in excess, the result will be the opposite. Also, if we鈥檙e now talking about decorating a small bedroom this advice becomes much more fundamental.

To do this, we must start with a basic solution: the colors. To achieve a good decoration in a small bedroom the chromatic palette should start with white and end with neutral tones. There is not much to do but it is what will give us a greater sense of spaciousness while multiplying the natural light in the room. If you are thinking that a white bedroom is cold, classic and very boring, you are wrong! The color (better those that bring light such as yellow, orange or green) can be introduced with small details: in cushions, plaids at the foot of the bed or even in the headboard.

In the same way, it is better to go for light fabrics and materials that convey a light feeling. Linen and cotton are the protagonists for decorating small bedrooms as they are visually lighter than other materials such as wool or fur. Another trick is to use a bed with small and thin legs, as you will get the air to circulate and the result will be a fresher and less cluttered room: a little detail that adds a lot.

2. Lighting is vital

Like any other room in the house, the bedroom needs good lighting. With it, the aim is to create a pleasant and warm atmosphere, which favors rest. To decorate a small bedroom is best to avoid hanging lamps, as they reduce the feeling of space. As an alternative, you can use small surface spotlights or a backlit headboard, with which you get a very nice lighting at the same time that you create a sense of depth without giving up too much space.

For bedside tables, the ideal is to install sconces directly on the wall or hanging lamps to leave free space on it. With this type of lighting a double objective is achieved: to give light to the space and a touch of personality, as they are ideas that break with classic designs and give a much fresher and modern air to the bedroom.

3. Small bedroom = headboard with personality

The headboard can be our great ally when decorating a small bedroom because it can visually help us to make the space bigger. As we have said, if you have left the walls white, the headboard is a good resource to introduce color to the room. But, to make the space bigger, you must follow these guidelines:

  • To make the bedroom look wider, the headboard should also cover the bedside tables.
  • If the headboard includes vertical lines, these also promote movement and the feeling of a wider space.
  • If you have opted for a headboard, remember not to include many more decorative elements on that wall, you will overload the space too much.

4. Tiny bedside tables

The lack of space in a small bedroom forces us to decorate with original and tiny bedside tables, which move away from the typical and traditional ones. The three most used options are:

  • Light bedside tables. Those with simple or cantilevered structures that do not visually fill the space.
  • Bedside tables integrated into the wall. Another great idea is to integrate them directly behind the bed, either in the wall or in the headboard itself. This way you will gain space and create visual continuity.
  • Asymmetrical bedside tables. Bedside tables do not have to be the same on both sides. Take advantage of the available space and let your imagination run wild to include on each side the bedside table that best fits.

5. Your best ally: a mirror

The great ally of any small space is a mirror, as they are perfect to visually enlarge any room. But, in the case of small bedrooms, where is it best to place it?

  • Facing the front when entering the room. This creates a perspective that generates a lot of depth.
  • On the sides of the headboard or above the bedside tables to generate the same sensation.
  • Or a large mirror right next to the bed. It is useful when dressing and generates greater visual amplitude.

6. Small bedrooms storage ideas

In every bedroom there must be space for storage, especially for clothes. As we鈥檙e dealing with a small bedroom decoration, we do not have much space available so it is best to look for custom solutions such as, for example, storage under the bed or with cabinets or shelves made to measure in the available space. Of course, it is very important to maintain order, as the opposite causes the bedroom to look smaller than it is.

And so much for our key points and tips for tiny bedrooms. What other tips would you add to decorate a small bedroom? If you want more decorating ideas, follow us at @my_homely_room. And for more information and to stay up to date with the latest news in decoration, interior design and architecture, you can subscribe to our newsletter.