If you are a lover of handmade, wood or wicker? you’re in luck! We have handmade decoration ideas for home, they are one of the decorative trends for this time of the year. They bring a fresh and original touch to any room. If you want to know more, keep reading!

What is the handmade trend?

Craftsmanship and natural materials have made a niche in every space of our home, and it isn’t coincidence! Since all the most prominent decorating styles include handcrafted pieces that bring warmth and well-being to the home.

In addition, this trend is full of benefits, since a product made in an artisanal way is synonymous with quality, and carries an emotional and sustainable sense, which industrialized products lack.

Whether you make it yourself or not, handcrafted objects will give you a unique sense of comfort and add a personal touch to your home.

Which is a handmade decor items?

It’s based on decorating your home with handmade objects and noble materials that unify the creative, beautiful and unique to make any room in your home inimitable.

As for the effect, it seeks to create calm and soft atmospheres, which make our home a small refuge in which to be at peace daily.

How do we achieve this? Decommunity give you all the keys.

Handmade decoration ideas for home with materials full of soul.

The first point that we’ll take into account when decorating our home following this trend, are the colors. We forget the overloaded, vivid or flashy tones and say hello to nude or earth colors. If you like to give color to your life, don’t worry,! We can combine them with pastel tones, which give that feeling of clarity and simplicity, which is the basis of craftsmanship.

As for the main construction materials, we highlight marble, wood, ceramics, terracotta or handmade ceramic tiles. And if we talk about textile materials, linen, wool, wicker, jute or raffia are the best combinations and also eco-friendly, as we explained in these tips for decorating with wicker.

All of them, noble materials par excellence, which you can find both in furniture and in small decorative details.

Let’s get to work!

Once we’re clear about what materials for handmade decoration ideas for home that we want.

Warm charm

The first step to apply is to start with its letter of introduction: the living room.

If you’re looking for something sophisticated and elegant, but with small handmade ornaments, we recommend lamps made of natural fibers: raffia, wicker or rattan.

They’re ideal, they combine perfectly with plants or flowers, candle holders or handmade pictures enhancing their natural essence.

It’s also a good idea to accompany them with wicker chairs or even the most trendy option, hanging hammocks.

In this last option, you’ve infinite varieties. We chose the sand-colored hammocks made of fabric or the crochet model, which will become the most desired seat in the house and is ideal for resting. In addition, you have an endless number of shapes, round, square, small, large… Choose one according to your style and throw freshness!

Particular Oasis

Do you know what we are talking about? Our sanctuary, the place where everyone finds themselves: the bedroom.

We bet on including sheets, blankets or bedspreads made of different materials: linen, crochet…. Soft materials are ideal for beds, they’ll make the room cozier and every time you go to bed you will feel that sweet material caressing your skin, a feeling of well-being instantly!

We can even combine it with pastel colors, such as mint green or peach, which will give a touch of joy and positive vibes to our bedroom.

Another top handmade decoration ideas for home is the headboard, one of the most visual elements of craftsmanship and natural materials that you will find in the room, which makes its choice so important.

We suggest a wicker headboard or braided esparto grass, for a cooler touch; on the other hand, if you are more rustic style, you can place pallets headboard as a bed base.

The good thing about this last option is that you can decorate them to your liking: you can paint them, place phrases, or just leave it like that.

Time for flavor

In the kitchen we have it clear: handmade ceramic tableware is a trend. If you would like your tableware to be passed down from generation to generation as our ancestors did, we advise you to get one that is unique, handmade by an artist.

This way you will fill with joy all your meals and they are perfect to show off the table when your guests come.

If you want to show off your meals on the networks …. You’re in luck! You can get different models both by unit and as a whole, you just have to choose your style. And it will not be easy, since you have endless varieties.

In Decommunity we bet on the tableware “stained” pink or blue and trimmed with gold; perfect for any time or event of the year, as well as sophisticated. If what you like is simplicity, choose those with a minimalist design, polished look, with a feminine and Nordic touch; or if on the contrary you are more vintage, the classic ones with engraved surfaces that leave the natural look of the clay visible are for you, with wild shapes and a very ‘slow’ Nordic air. Variety is the spice of life!

Boho feel

Craftsmanship and natural materials are perfect for a bathroom with a boho or rustic spirit. To achieve that mountain cottage or log cabin feel, resort to the natural material par excellence: wood. Both for the furniture and for the walls, ceiling or handcrafted ornaments.

If you want to give it a more original touch, you can cover a wall with old wooden planks, leaving the original color or giving it a touch of sky blue, inspired by the old wooden houses.

Another detail that we love and that’s very “in” in handmade decoration ideas for home, are the natural jute rugs, whether geometric, flat, monochromatic or of a single color. A very decorative, practical and timeless solution, they never go out of style!

And if you add handmade clay vases and pots, you will fill every corner of your bathroom with life and create a totally relaxing and fresh atmosphere. You will make a difference!

Country air

He who has a garden, has a treasure“. Our fresh air hideaway and social spot are the terraces or balconies. Imagine your little corner for chats with friends, relaxing readings or endless summer dinners and make it come true.

Where to start? For a place to rest, for example, fabric loungers are comfortable and very easy to carry from one side of the terrace or garden to the other. Another “wow” decoration for your exterior that never fails are umbrellas; choose one made of bamboo and folding fabric if you don’t have much space or, on the contrary, if you have a generous terrace and you can recreate a tropical space… Bring the beach into your home!

Choose an umbrella made of fir wood, vegetable fiber or nylon and accompany it with an appetizing and comfortable Ibiza wicker chaise longue.

And to top it off, what would a terrace be without incredible lighting? Add some garlands for when the sunset falls as there is no better combination for your handmade ornaments, it will give that paradisiacal atmosphere to your terrace or balcony. You can put them along the door frame or even along the support of the umbrellas mentioned above.

If you have not yet set it up for this summer, we leave you this post with ideas for your terrace.

Now that you have a lot of handmade decoration ideas for home, you can investigate more about the handmade or…. Even practice it!

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