Glam Decor: Surely you already know it but you don’t name it. Surely you have already thought about it but you don’t know where it comes from. Surely you love it but you don’t know how to apply it in your home. Surely after reading this article all those doubts will be solved.

Glam decoration is a trendy style in the most contemporary interiors. You know it because you must have seen it in great designers’ projects and, as it happened to them, you must have fallen in love with a glam space.

If you can’t stop thinking about it and want to know how to apply the glam style in your home, pay attention to the following lines because we are going to reveal its most attractive secrets. 

Origin of glam style decoration: contemporary elegance

First of all, it is important that we discover the origin of the glam style, since this way you will easily understand its most essential characteristics when applying it in a space.

Glam is the abbreviation of the word glamour, therefore, the most common adjectives that accompany the glam style are luxury and elegance. All this, with a contemporary air, which makes it fresh and current.

The glam decor style is the result of the union of different interior design styles such as classic or mid century, and that come from more artistic styles such as art deco or baroque.

These combinations of artistic styles and interiors are based on a maxim where the less is more is vetoed, giving way to more ornate, bright and pompous spaces. 

In the glam style the mixture of all this must be conducted in a careful way, giving dynamism to the spaces and completing them with more current styles. 

Tips for a tailor-made glam style

The important thing before addressing the keys to the glam style is to emphasize that the versatility of this style is essential. And when we say mix, we do not mean to combine styles in an automatic way, but to generate a link between the different styles, creating a unique atmosphere, where the glam style feels at home. 

Glam style colors: uniformity with touches of energy

Choosing the predominant color of a space is fundamental and in the case of the glam decor style a more neutral color palette must dominate. Colors such as white, cream, gray, beige, are the most usual ones.

These colors can be combined with other more intense or paste, such as black, wine red, aquamarine blue, pastel pink, violet or gold. The ideal is to choose a neutral tone and combine it with a couple of stronger or pastel tones.

A perfect combination to give harmony to the space, generating luminosity and enlarging the space. In addition, this set of colors is a clear winner to fill any interior design with energy. 

Mixing styles and other trends: the winning team

The predominant styles in glam decoration are a more modern and casual Mid-Century, a more French and courtly style, a classic and baroque style and a slight industrial character. The glam style is trendy because it makes spaces unique. The difference is its value and it is what gives it that cliché of luxury and exclusivity.

The final result of the mixture has to be uniform both for the chromatic colors mentioned above and for the shapes and decorative styles that predominate. A good dialogue is key and necessary in the glam style.

Must-have pieces: to square glamour

As in any interior style, in the glam style we also find some essential pieces. Moreover, one of its strong points are the accessories that are added and drink from different styles.

Lamps: a must within the glam style and that in addition to giving light to the space, brings a plus of elegance. Crystal chandeliers or lamps with rounded metal structures stand out in this style.

Plants: whenever possible, add naturalness to the space with a decorative plant (always natural). With a Monstera Deliciosa or a Kentia Palm, the success is assured.

Colorful elements: it’s time to bring out the quirky side that every good interior designer has. With an animal print rug, a transparent chair, a piece of modern art or an abstract sculpture, a golden vase or a brightly colored cushion, the glam style will be mastered. 

Glamorous textures and patterns: everything reminds of glam style

Just as glam decoration has certain colors and styles, certain textures also predominate over others. For example, the glam style highlights the furniture where velvet, leather or wood are the kings of the space.

If you travel to the glamour of 1930s Hollywood, where simple lines danced with geometric patterns, creating interiors full of sophistication, you will find the textures of the glam style.

Glam style is unique and that is why it is so special. It is based on certain maxims so that each person can bring their own personality and taste to the style. All you need is inspiration: @homes_to_dream.