The talent of dressing the bed has a name: “bed styling”. And Decommunity gives you all the keys to create your own bed style without leaving out any detail.

If you’ve always wanted your bed to transport you to the hotel bed of your vacation, well ordered, combined and comfortable… Keep reading! 

How to dress my bed?

A well-dressed bed is the ideal element to create a good atmosphere in your bedroom.

It鈥檚 about finding a combination of brightness, harmony and peace that regenerates you as soon as you see your bed. 

We must not forget that the choice of mattress and pillows is more than important, but a well-ordered bed and quality linen that not only adorns our mattress, but also comforts us will make us rest twice as much. Shall we start?

Elements and order of bed styling 

The first thing is to be clear about what elements we need to create our bed styling and in what order they will go. To take care of our mattress we will need a basic protector. Once we have this, on top will go the fitted sheet, the topper and a quilt, cover or comforter. The latter depending on the time of the year we鈥檙e in. 

On the other hand, as the most essential decorative elements, we have the square cushions and plaids (auxiliary decorative blanket placed at the foot of the bed). This is what will give the personal and unique touch to your bed styling and what we will play with to turn our bed into a dream bed.

Ideal measurements for your bed styling

If you are looking to create a neat and tidy bed styling, it鈥檚 essential that you take into account the size of your bed, both the mattress and the height. As a tip for the choice of sheets, it is that you get close to the actual size of your bed.

That’s to say, if your mattress measures 1.35, it is convenient to find sheets of this size, not bigger. Like the embozo (the fold of the top sheet), bet on one that measures between 50 and 55 cm. The length of the top sheet is between 2.80 and 3 meters.

As for the pillow, we break with the tradition of a single piece for two people. If we are looking for the perfect bed styling, the ideal is to have two, one for each person and covering the entire space, reaching the ends of the bed. 

Regarding the measurements, experts suggest two 70-centimeter pillows for a 135-centimeter bed. While for a bed of 150 centimeters you can opt for two pillows of 75 or 80 centimeters. In this case, if it exceeds the size of the mattress a little, it will not be noticed since the comforter will cover it. And if your bed is 180m, it could be two 90 cm or even 100 cm. 

Don’t forget the plaids and quilts 

When we talk about bed styling in winter, the plaid or blanket at the foot of the bed is one of the elements that we use the most and one of the most colorful. It should cover the width of the bed and let it hang between 20 and 30 centimeters on each side. 

The bedspread is another of our greatest allies. Therefore, we must take into account that the fall should be smaller on the sides and larger on the foot part. A top trick is to leave it folded at the foot of the bed. Totally stylish! And if it’s summer, go for a light bedspread, which will give it a simple and summery touch. 

An explosion of color or neutral tones – choose your style!

Colors to suit every taste. If your style is more in line with neutral cream colors…you are in this year’s trend!

Go for a stone beige bedspread that you can combine perfectly with Mediterranean colors such as light blues, soft grays, eucalyptus greens, rusty oranges or ochers. You will surely fill your room with freshness and tranquility!

If, on the other hand, you are more of an explosion of colors, let the duvet cover be the protagonist. Go for floral prints or vibrant textures and combine with cherry reds, intense oranges or mustard yellows. Instant positive energy! 

Materials for your bed styling

We recommend you to be demanding, leave behind the low cost and invest in durable sheets with good cotton percale 500 to 600 thread count well finished, that is, one that has been applied a technique that mixes several fabrics such as cotton and thread.

And you know what, how much use do you think you can get out of your bedding? If it is made of good material, about 10 years and it will be almost like the first day. Invest in quality!

And as a little tip when buying your sheets or bedspreads, experts say that before purchasing it is advisable to ask if they are sanforized. This means that the fabrics have undergone a technique that prevents them from shrinking more than necessary and that they are easy to iron. 

So in terms of fabrics and materials, cotton and linen (the latter in various versions of spun yarn) will be the protagonists. In addition, these natural fabrics help to rest and to a good perspiration of the skin, all in one!

Decorate to your taste 

As for tips for your bed styling, we recommend that the fitted sheet has a more neutral color than the countertop. Also, if you are going to let the top of the duvet cover show through, make sure that the colors are in harmony and remember that the side that should be in contact with your skin is the right side, the softer side, and not the reverse side. 

Regarding the cushions, you can choose the same shade as the sheets or a different one. Remember that it is one of the most visual parts, so the combination with the bedspread and sheets will be important. Regarding the number of cushions… Total freedom! Between 6 and 8 would be the standard number. Of course, of different sizes and placed from larger to smaller, where the larger ones are attached to the headboard next to the pillow. For example, you can put rows of cushions and finish with a cushion in the center or a couple more.

For a chic touch, place your blanket and/or a plaid at the foot placed one on top of the other, stretched or with a very casual wrinkle and you will have a magazine bed. You can play with the same color or not, but remember that variety is the spice of life, so dare to mix textures and materials in these two textile elements. Finally, remember that it is better if the bed base cover is neutral, no extravagant colors. 

And finally, if you want to give unique touches to your bedroom, the headboards are always trendy so take advantage of it! As we explained in our post on natural materials, you can choose one of raffia or wicker, where you will find endless forms that will give a lot of life to your bedroom.

Or if you are more practical and you like simple things, you can leave the headboards behind and focus on small decorations such as floor lamps in the same color as your bedspreads, add pictures and much more that you can read in our article on the simplicity of the rooms.

And for the more daring, we also have new recommendations on patters. Go for an original wallpaper to match your bed styling – ultra trendy!  

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