For all lovers of simplicity and minimalism, the Nordic style is the king of decoration that is making a strong statement in the trends of recent years. If you don’t know it, Decommunity explain everything you need to know about Nordic decoration and we will give you ideas on how to make your home become a beautiful Scandinavian house in the Norwegian Alps. Take note!

What鈥檚 Nordic home decor?

Nordic style, also called “Scandinavian style”, originates from Norway, Sweden and Denmark and is considered one of the most popular styles in the world. And it isn’t a coincidence that it鈥檚 a trend, it brings harmony and the necessary sense of well-being that will make you feel at peace in any part of your home.

Thanks to its idea of turning decoration into something functional and comfortable, we move away from overloaded pieces without use and say hello to white and simplicity that will make our home and, consequently, our life more orderly. 

How to get a Nordic style?

The objective is clear: to brighten the home. In countries where winters are eternal and the hours of sunshine are scarce, the aim is to flood the rooms with light. Nordic decoration eliminates architectural barriers, leaving aside everything that doesn鈥檛 bring light, such as dense curtains. In fact, if we鈥檙e lucky enough to find a large window in our living room, a Scandinavian would say: Better to see it naked!

How can I decorate like a Scandinavian?

Now it’s time to turn your home into the “Nordic oasis” you’re looking for with these simple tips:

1. What are the Nordic colors?

Nordic homes are quintessentially white. You can see this color on walls, furniture, accessories, and even floors. The Nordic style makes use of this warm tone, but also coexists with beige or gray. Even if you are a black lover, don’t worry… you can use it too! One of the top combinations is the contrast of black and white together.

The latest trend coming from the north is the inclusion of pastel colors (mint, pink, blue, yellow…), both in walls and in small decorative objects. It brings, on the one hand, vitality to black and, in addition, enhances the brightness of white. For example, a vase in pale pink combined with cushions in gray tones and bougainvillea will achieve a Nordic style living room. A sure hit!

2. Less is more

Although Scandinavians have a similar style to minimalism, Nordic decor is all about functionality. Therefore, if you can choose a piece of furniture that has a dual function, you’re getting the Scandinavian mood! For example, a Nordic style living room would take advantage of the staircase to create a beautiful bookshelf.

If you are one of those whose closet is too small, we have your solution… A staircase shoe rack! Remember that order is more than important, few pieces but with sense.

And if you are thinking of totally renovating your home furniture following the Nordic style, think about good material and clean lines. Buy several Nordic Scandinavian light wood furniture that have a good mix with white or gray, and you’ll have half the job done!

3.Wood never fails

Wood creates a perfect combination with the neutral colors of the Nordic style. If you have to choose a color, go for a light wood such as beech or birch. Ah! Another strong point is the home decorations, the Nordic use this material both in furniture and in small decorative details. For example: small candle holders, vases, shelves…

You have endless possibilities to play with combinations. Our top choice: Nordic frames, super easy to combine! Choose a wooden frame with a neutral motif on a white background and it will be a sure hit for any room in your home. In addition, you will get the desired effect of a Nordic style house. 

We encourage you to add the touch that will give it personality: you can put a picture or invent compositions with various pictures of different sizes and frames getting a collage effect. Make it more your own and create a deco mural with pictures, phrases or travel photos that you like. As a tip: it is about achieving a quiet home that brings vitality.

4. 100% natural materials 

Linen, wool and cotton are essential for dressing up the Nordic style in the small corners of our home. Whether with a fine linen plaid or a beautiful crocheted blanket, they will give you a comfortable vision of Scandinavian design. Another good idea is to use fur, both in armchairs and cushions. Variety is the spice of life, don’t you think? 

5.Give a chic touch to Nordic Style 

In the most current Nordic decoration, it has become a trend to add vintage or more exotic touches, breaking with the harmony of white and giving a touch of unique personality. Some examples to give that vintage air are Kilim or Berber style carpets, which provide a touch of freshness and color to your room. If you would like to give it a more personalized arrangement, we recommend a reclaimed wood table, a perfect combination for your dining room or terrace. And finally, shelves made with pallets, super practical and easy to combine in any corner of the home. 

Another key point, which is becoming more and more powerful, is the wallpaper with geometric motifs. All this will give a vintage nordic style with a touch of character. 

And if you are more into exotic elements, go for wicker or the DYD philosophy (handmade details). A circular mirror framed in wicker or a patchwork blanket … They are a guaranteed success!

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