Honeymoon, yes or no? This is the biggest question for all newlyweds in 2021. The pandemic has changed our conception of travel, but Decommunity says yes to honeymoon destinations and we explain why. 

The doubts in the couples about if to travel thousands of miles or opt for a “nanoluna” (a closer, local and safe getaway concept). But, why plan big despite the Covid? Saying yes to the honeymoon destinations of your dreams will be possible thanks to the fact that little by little the uncertainty that the Covid has generated throughout this year is being controlled. The important thing is to have a clear organization about the destination to know what you can do in each country despite the pandemic and to be as safe as possible. Therefore, bet on safe honeymoons!

How do I choose the perfect honeymoon destinations?

We know it鈥檚 a difficult decision, so we propose some basic and essential tips to guide you when choosing your honeymoon destination. 

1/4 How are you and how do you like to travel?

The first thing is to know what you like, if you鈥檙e more of breathing the tranquility of nature or prefer to get lost in big tourist cities. Besides having a clear concept of the trip: extreme adventures, mojito in hand with a deck chair or a little bit of both.

It鈥檚 also important to know your available days to travel. Count exactly how many days you have for the trip and if you want to get to know a destination in depth or if you prefer to get to know different cultures.

2/4 Season and weather

Although we know that we can travel around the world at any time of the year, there鈥檙e more favorable times to travel depending on the selected destination, and that will affect both the weather and the price. Choosing an expensive destination in high season will be a mistake if your budget is low. 

Another point to take into account is the climate of the country, especially the rainy and hurricane seasons of some honeymoon destinations. In addition, there鈥檙e dates where traveling isn鈥檛 only more dangerous, but it also doesn鈥檛 allow you to do the activities you had planned. 

3/4 Have a clear budget

Although there鈥檙e travel plans for all budgets, the ideal would be to set a starting budget according to your possibilities and try to adjust it to the desired amount. We advise you to have a forecast not only of the cost, but also of the budget to spend once you are enjoying that honeymoon destination. And remember that each country has different economic expectations. 

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4/4 Health is the most important thing

There’re many countries that need a specific or recommended vaccine for your trip to be 100% safe and depending on your destination, you need to have the vaccine some months before, so choosing the destination with time is the first!

Welcome to the exoticism of Asia

The continent of cultures and contrasts is one of the most spectacular and chosen honeymoon destinations for newlyweds. Why is that? Because in addition to its incredible places to get lost in, it鈥檚 quite inexpensive compared to other continents such as Europe. 

Dive into the Maldives

The archipelago formed by 1100 islands in the Indian Sea on crystal clear waters, is a perfect place for those who love sunsets, paradisiacal beaches and the most beautiful seabed in the world. Among its “must do” activities is snorkeling or scuba diving, where you鈥檒l discover a unique seabed and where you鈥檒l see animals in freedom such as dolphins or whale sharks. Refreshing experiences to remember for a lifetime!

But that’s not all, would you like to have a private island just for the two of you? Well, now it is possible. It鈥檚 a honeymoon destination where you鈥檒l find tourist accommodations with exclusive beaches. Unique places where you can have a dream dinner on a private island. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Another option is to opt for a “local Maldives”, which allows you to end your days of love and relaxation in Sri Lanka, India or any point with a good connection to Southeast Asia. Any option is good if it has the word MALDIVES in it.

Flavors of Japan

If what you like is to discover, choose the most avant-garde (and traditional) destination in the world: Japan. It鈥檚 one of the most requested honeymoon trips in this 2021 and we aren鈥檛 surprised at all because every day you鈥檒l learn, see and discover something new about this incredible culture. 

It鈥檚 a super versatile honeymoon destination, as it offers you activities for all tastes. The “wild Japan” for the more adventurous, where you will be invited to climb Mount Fuji and watch sunrises from the top, and where you will finish the day in one of its hot springs.

On the other hand, the “Feudal Japan”, allows you to go back 200 years and discover the Japanese Alps, or medieval landmarks, such as the set of temples of Nikko with hundreds of years behind them and moreover declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO

And finally, the “Essential Japan” with incredible gastronomic routes, sumo tournaments or tea ceremonies, which will allow you to discover the country in depth and with all five senses.

Deep Africa 

Choosing Africa is to enjoy the beauty, adventure and the quality that the country offers , in addition that see the magic sunsets

Unforgettable Africa

It will allow you to visit nature reserves such as the Masai Mara or visit the immense colonies of flamingos of Lake Nakuru in the purest National Geographic style. Or even from the air through a hot air balloon ride. 

And the experience in this honeymoon destination doesn鈥檛 end here, you can link it with a romantic bungalow in Tsarabanjina, located on the island of Madagascar. It鈥檒l allow you to continue the adventure but combined with pristine white sand beaches and turquoise waters. In addition, the fourth largest island in the world is characterized by the fact that 90% of the animal and plant species are endemic, unique in the world. Is there anything more adventurous than this? 

Romantic Europe

If there鈥檚 a country in Europe that has a unique mix, it鈥檚 Spain. It鈥檚 a country full of cultures, beauty, gastronomy and nature in equal parts; in the form of wild corners, beaches, cities, towns, villages, routes and historical remains that are worth a visit. 

Road to Canary Islands 

Camper life is a trend. It鈥檚 a comfortable, economical and safe way to travel. 

Our favorite proposal is to rent a super camper and travel all the Canary Islands from end to end. Wake up in a different island every morning and watch the sunsets comfortably from the camper, where intimacy and romanticism is more than assured. 

You鈥檒l be surrounded by volcanic landscapes, nature reserves and paradisiacal beaches. And if you like diving, you can dive in the small village of La Restinga, on the island of El Hierro, considered the European mecca for diving. Another place to visit with the camper is Palma. Recognized as a Starlight庐 Destination, it offers one of the best skies in the world for stargazing, and that鈥檚 why you will find all over the island Astronomical Viewpoints that will help you to observe closely its magnificent sky. There isn’t more ideal plan than dining at home under one of the most beautiful skies in the world!

Paradise in the Caribbean

If in your group of friends they call you “party people” and what the body asks you is to dance. Your honeymoon destination has a name: The Caribbean, a tropical paradise where cocktails under a palm tree taste much better.

Don鈥檛 worry, be happy 

Jamaica is a tropical paradise full of walking, dancing and amazing places to discover, such as the Glistening Waters bioluminescent lagoon. For example, the bioluminescent lagoon of Glistening Waters, which thanks to its strange plankton, the water lights up at night just by touching it, pure magic! 

We also recommend tasting a cup of the best coffee in the world, called Blue Mountain, which is grown right there in Blue Mountains. 

If you鈥檙e more adventurous, embark inland on the Martha Brae River, on a bamboo raft, surrounded by jungle, lush vegetation and thousands of multicolored birds. Another option is to take a catamaran to the cliffs of Rick’s Caf茅, where it鈥檚 possible for the bravest to jump into the water. But if what calls you to Jamaica is reggae, you can top off your stay by paying homage to the king of reggae by visiting Nine Mile, Bob Marley’s hometown.  This and a thousand other adventures await you in this tropical paradise. Who will be able to say NO to Jamaican nights?  Best honeymoon destinations for the dancers!

To finish planning your honeymoon destinations with all the necessary information, we recommend you to visit our Lifestyle articles. There you鈥檒l find a lot of information on how to travel in times of pandemic or where are the best swimming pools in the world. Ah! And if you are a fish for browsing Instagram, in @travelingtheworld you can inspire not only your honeymoon destination, but also your next romantic getaway. A new adventure together begins!