Need inspiration for decorating or redesigning your home? In the world of interior design, decoration and architecture there are many names that shine on their own, so many that it is difficult to keep up and follow them all.

That’s why we wanted to create this small collection with 5 interior design accounts on Instagram that we consider essential. Check them out and follow them to fill your feed with fresh ideas and inspiring images.

1. Naiona Architecture and interiors @noasantos

Based in New York, Noa Santos is an entrepreneur and interior designer of the first order who has launched different projects within the sector, such as the now defunct Homepolish, a service that sought to make interior design more accessible to everyone by connecting homeowners with expert designers. He is currently in charge of the Nainoa studio, specialising in architecture and interior design, where he and the rest of the team seek to create unique and meaningful spaces for their clients. 

Their clean designs, with pure lines and dominated by palettes of natural tones, seek to maximise spaces, highlighting the qualities of the marble, wood and other noble materials they work with.

On their interior design instagram you can enjoy their latest projects from around the world.

2. Studio Shoo @studio_shoo

With a cheerful style dominated by colourful minimalism, the professionals at this interior design firm create original, fresh and fun spaces. 

Studio Shoo was founded in 2017 in Moscow by architect Shushana Khachatryan. Together with her team she realises interior design projects both for public spaces in restaurants, hotels, shops and cafés as well as for private clients from all over the world. What characterises them is the way they bring vitality to minimalism, synthesising shapes, textures and colours. 

If you like designs with lots of personality and colour, keep an eye on their interior design Instagram account.

3. Estudihac de José Manuel Ferrero @estudihac_jmferrero

Our list of the best interior design Instagrams also includes estudi{H}ac, of which Jose Manuel Ferrero is the founder and Creative Director. Based in Valencia, this studio does much more than interior design and interior architecture projects. Its interdisciplinary team also creates ephemeral assemblies for retail and exhibitions, and product design of elements as varied as ceramics, lamps, furniture, sofas and footwear.

When it comes to interior design, their goal is to create timeless spaces in which simplicity of form dominates. In the same way, estudi{H}ac’s projects do not lose sight of the use of colour or their Mediterranean roots. They usually include decorative or functional elements that they themselves have designed, whether they are chairs, lighting or decorative elements. Let yourself be inspired by their creations!

4. Fettle Interior Design Studio @fettledesign

Fettle Interior Design Studio is an interior design and architecture firm specialising in the hospitality industry. With offices in London and Los Angeles, they create functional spaces that seek to tell a place’s own story and capture its presence. Of course, they do not neglect aesthetic aspects, but what they focus on in their designs, taking into account the clients for whom they are intended, are the practical aspects of distributing light and spaces.

On their Instagram of interior design you can follow the work they are developing at an international level, especially in Europe and the United States. If anything characterises this studio, it is their ability to create warm and welcoming environments, full of life and colour, and with a certain retro and classic flavour.

5. Sasha Bikoff Interior Design @sashabikoff

Sasha Bikoff is a New York-based interior designer with an extensive background, known for her maximalist, bold and colourful designs. Her multicultural influences and passion for styles such as rococo, modernism and retro combine to create evocative spaces.

From his studio in New York, Sasha Bikoff and his team develop projects for both commercial and residential spaces. The environments they create have a glamorous and distinguished air. They often include antique and vintage items, giving great importance to textile elements. If anything defines their style, it is eclecticism.

We recommend you follow their interior design account on Instagram to discover a striking explosion of shapes and colours.

Be inspired by the magic of the rooms that these interior designers create around the world!