Finding peace in our own home. That is the main objective of Feng Shui, a Chinese philosophy that seeks to harmonize the environment to favor our welfare and harmony. But, how to apply the feng shui interior design to our home? Today we are going to reveal the keys to balance the positive energies in your home through the furniture, decoration and lighting. Take note!

Feng shui design: the importance of order and cleanliness

The way you organize your home can directly influence the mood and the flow of energy on it. Therefore, one of the first things you have to do if you want to bet on feng shui design in your home, is to check the correct operation of all appliances and devices in your house to get rid of all those you don鈥檛 use or that don鈥檛 work properly. Continue with the rest of objects or accessories that you have around the house: in drawers, shelves or on top of your furniture. Don鈥檛 forget the interior of the closets, because your aim has to be not only to get a first sight visual armony, but that order and cleanliness has to be evident in every corner of the house.

Look for each object, complement or accessory its  own space and if it is possible, avoid the “storage rooms” that is, those rooms that without realizing, we turn into storage spaces and that can generate too much chaos at the visual and spiritual level.

Purity of natural light

Sunlight is a natural generator of energy and lighting and is essential to achieve an interior feng shui design. It鈥檚 very important that we let natural light  get into our homes and also that we learn to enjoy it and take advantage carrying out our daily tasks during the day. When the night comes, we should obtain a correct and balanced illumination in all the zones of our home using, always,  a warm and homogenous light and avoiding the cold lights.

5 colors, 5 feng shui elements

The Five Elements Feng Shui theory says that the vital energy is reflected in the elements of nature: fire, earth, metal, water and wood. Therefore, one way to transfer that vital energy in our homes is through colors.

Fire is related to red and red transmits joy, passion and fun. Due to its extrenticity it is advisable not to apply it to very large areas (such as walls) and opt for its use in small accessories such as cushions, vases or candles.

The earth is represented through the colors sand, wood and beige and from there a range of possibilities opens up! A perfect option is to use these colors in the bedding of your bedroom; you will wake up every day feeling the feng shui aura and you will start everyday with a really positive energy.

The metal is associated with whites and means strength, resistance and individuality. You can use it in your home’s dishes, lamps or curtains. Blue, which symbolizes water, is perfect for bathroom accessories or to give a touch of color to the living room with for example, paintings.

Finally, the color green symbolizes wood and here you will have a perfect ally: plants. These, besides giving a very natural and fresh touch to all the rooms of your house, will bring you benefits for your health and well-being.

Feng shui in home decoration

If there is something clear is that the home decoration has to be very personal but just an advice: try to always use happy ornaments that don鈥檛 transmit a negative feeling. How? For example, choosing curved furniture because as feng shui philosophy says, the pronounced tips can come to cut the energy and the good aura at your home.

It鈥檚 also important that you avoid overloaded rooms: the more spacious the room seems, better. We recommend you too not to collect antiques since according to this interior design movement, these drag the energy of their predecessors (and sometimes, it is not as positive as we would like)

If you bet for the interior feng shui design you will live surrounded by harmony, vitality and peace in an incomparable environment: your home.