The Expedition Earth project is one of the most innovative initiatives in recent years to denounce the state of neglect of the planet and try to solve both climate change and the rest of the environmental problems.

Expedition Earth is an exploration team that was born in New Zealand in 2020 and is currently formed by Topher Richwhite and Bridget Thackwray, although they have luxury collaborators such as the explorer Gunter Holtorf. At present they have travelled more than 350,000 km across all the continents of the planet… You know that some experts talk about 5 and others include up to 7: North America, South America, Asia, Europe, Africa, Oceania and Antarctica.

expedition earth new zealand.

Whatever the continents, Topher and Bridget have spread their love to all of them, and have given Expedition Earth a global reach. Recently, influenced by all their experiences, they have also created their own paradise in New Zealand, Faraway Cove. Today we tell you all about their adventures and lifestyle.

Expedition Earth: Infinite exploration

There is no doubt that Topher and Bridget are no ordinary couple, both have a strong background. Before embarking on the Expedition Earth adventure, 33-year-old Topher, originally from New Zealand, had spent intense periods in London and Switzerland, working in the music industry and the entertainment sector. While Bridget, 27, also from New Zealand, had spent her life in marketing and advertising.

Their exploratory odyssey around the world began in Alaska. In the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, their route took them across the United States to Mexico, across Central and South America, down through Chile and on to Antarctica. They then travelled by boat to South Africa, Mozambique and Tanzania to reach Egypt. They crossed again by boat to the Balkans and from there they headed to Germany and Norway to take another boat to explore Iceland. Take a breath, it doesn’t end there. They went back to Finland, across Russia to Central Asia, down through Indonesia and finally ended up in Australia, and then took another boat to New Zealand, their true final destination.

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In all, they explored 150 of the 193 countries recognised by the UN. It was a real adventure with snowstorms and tropical climates, while the rest of the world was affected by the outbreak of COVID. In fact, the news of the global pandemic and its great uncertainty surprised them on the Yamal peninsula, in the heart of Siberia.

We had no idea what the world would be like when we left Yamal

Bridget Thackwray

Luckily, their adventure continued and we all got to enjoy the Expedition Earth exploits that went viral along the way with Topher, Bridget and Gunter’s amazing photos and videos. Their different channels @ExpeditionEarth.Live on Instagram and Youtube have been the main platforms they used to do so. Their secret, apart from the powerful scenery and incredible landscapes, has been their exquisite use of a digital single-lens reflex camera, known as a DSLR. Media such as National Geographic or the Royal Geographic Society of London also covered their fascinating adventure.

The Faraway Cove project and the tiny houses trend

After this exhausting odyssey, Bridget and Topher became true celebrities in New Zealand and decided to create their own oasis of peace, or as they like to call it “their private hideaway”. They chose the Cavalli Islands off the coast of New Zealand where the toasty sandy beaches are truly incredible. In this environment they have created Faraway Cove, a rectangular-shaped sustainable resort house that is the result of the work of architects such as Jason van Huenen and Isaac Lindesay.

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The concept behind Faraway Cove is inspired by the Tiny Houses. A super-luminous and minimalist dwelling that is designed to blend into the subtropical ecosystem of New Zealand and in which the panoramic views of the surroundings are the true premise. Two large, fully glazed wooden modules form the simple basis of this minimalist dwelling. Its timber wall cladding is the work of Rosenfeld Kidson Studio, while the imposing open roof system to create two large open-air rooms was created by specialists De Louvretec.

expedition earth casa

Minimalism and sustainable materials are also part of the interior: companies such as De Trendzfireplaces and Stuv have combined their solutions for the natural heating system and the specialists from De Raw have designed the bathrooms with hand-cast polished concrete. A real Tiny House in the middle of nature that blends in with nature and respects it as a logical consequence of its years of exploration with Expedition Earth.

Tiny houses are not unique to Faraway Cove, they are a trend that has been gaining momentum around the world for years. As their name suggests, tiny houses are mini-dwellings that are usually between 35 and 50 square metres in size. This space forces their owners to simplify and squeeze resources. To this end, they tend to design curious solar energy, heating and water recycling systems that are more eco-sustainable than most homes.

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Although some critics speak of tiny houses as an adaptation to homelessness and low wages, people from all walks of life are opting for this lifestyle. They are usually dwellings that do not have a large area, but sometimes even have three floors, although the most common are usually two. Structurally, they are usually made of metal with wooden and glass elements. They are usually built in natural surroundings, so the house is conceived as a refuge to enjoy the outdoors.

expedition earth interiorismo.

The interior design and decoration of tiny houses is normally minimalist. Functionality and versatility of the elements that make up the tiny houses are the main focus. Inside, there are usually many multifunctional natural wood elements such as tables, beds and folding accessory ladders, hidden wardrobes, etc. There are even models of folding kitchens, but they are made of metal, not wood.  The truth is that there is no defined interior design style, but a combination of rustic style aesthetics with minimalist touches is usually the most common.

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Do you want to enjoy a tiny house surrounded by idyllic landscapes in Faraway Cove? If you’re up for it, it’s available for rent, although there is a waiting list! Discover other exciting decoration projects in our magazine.