One of the trends that has hit hard in 2021 and that will not lose steam during 2022 is Earthy, natural or earthy style decoration. This trend inspired by nature, its textures and colour palette will continue to be in vogue, as we are moving in an era in which we need and want to go green.


Beyond the necessary co-responsibility with the planet, the Earthy home decor style connects with a certain spirituality and well-being that emanates from nature and merges with our most primordial being. For this reason, this decoration trend seeks to introduce the concept of “nature bathing” or Shinrin Yoku into the home: those moments of absolute disconnection that occur when we walk for hours in the mountains or walk barefoot on the sand of the beach. Without a doubt, the Earthy home decor style is above all honest, it seeks to gently illuminate the home and transform our spaces in order to disconnect from our problems and reconnect with ourselves.

Halfway between the most rustic, boho, vintage and eco-friendly design trends, the Earthy natural home decor style is gaining more and more space in our homes. Do you want to know what its main features are?…. Well, take a good note of its tips and tricks!

7  Tips for Earthy home decorating style

1. Focus on dynamic and organic forms

This advice is essential for integrating nature into your home. Straight, perfect, geometric shapes give way in this style to improvisation, organic and hybrid structures in the home. Curves reappear in interior design with vaulted structures, walls with rounded arches in relief and even ceilings that simulate waves.


In keeping with this trend, shaped décor and bold furnishings perfectly accompany modern earthy home decor. The introduction of surprises is another feature of this style. Textures and curves appear in contrast to straight lines. In contrast to lighting with rectangular LED panels, there are lighting solutions with curved profiles, lamps and decorative objects that opt for sinuous, organic and lively lines like flower and plant stems.

2.Textures rule your home

In recent months we have seen how both decorators and interior designers are returning to the design of spaces with rustic, rough and imperfect-looking finishes. Nature is imperfect by definition and very fluid. For this reason, as opposed to smooth and glossy finishes, the Earthy home decor style opts for matte and textured finishes.

Exposed bricks and cracks, chipped surfaces, unfinished plaster, natural stone, raw concrete, knotted wood and rusted metal are some of the basic tips that texturise the wall supports of this trend. In short, the aim is for the finishes to look natural and used, but not old.

3.Use colours with natural tones

In the Earthy natural home decor style, vivid, strong and fluorescent colour palettes are replaced by more neutral colour solutions inspired by nature. Among the basic tones of this trend, earthy tones stand out: from beige to mustard and all kinds of reddish browns, terracotta and ochres.


Subdued greys, even strong greys such as charcoal or anthracite are used because of their analogy with mineral and stone tones. While soft greens, emeralds and deep greens refer to elements such as plants and trees. As a complement to create counterbalances between dark greens, you will be surprised to find that mint green will continue to be part of this trend as an exception. Similarly, white, pale pink, gold, bronze and soft peach will be used to balance greys and earthy colours while playing with the light in the rooms.

4.Plants and ceramics are a must

It seems obvious, but integrating nature into your home means including numerous plants in your home. If you don’t have a garden, pots are your greatest ally! You can opt for plants such as cacti and succulents such as Aloe, Pita and Senencio. Although if you want your home to look trendy, we recommend you to choose: Calatea, Sansevieria, Poto, Monstera, Red Anthurium and all the Ficus family.


We also suggest that you combine your plants with vases that will allow you to reinforce the natural character of your spaces. The must in the Earthy home decor style are clay and rough ceramic vases. Try to avoid lacquered vases with glossy finishes and opt for natural finishes in stone or matt materials. Try decorating them by hand and give your plants your own personal touch!

6.Combining natural materials

As you can see, Earthy natural home decor is a very lively style, very open to fusion. Among its most common resources are wall panels and furniture in all types of wood such as cedar, mahogany or white pine. Textiles with natural materials are also trendy within this style. Rugs, baskets, cushions, plaids, rugs, tablecloths and curtains, especially handmade ones, stand out in this trend


Their great variety allows you to combine textiles made from fibres such as sisal, hemp, jute and rattan. What unites these fibres is their great texture as opposed to traditional cotton finishes. And if you are a true lover of these fibre finishes, we recommend complementing them with wooden furniture, bamboo, paper cane and foliage elements to round off your Earthy home decor style.

7.Merging and recycling are mandatory

As we mentioned, Earthy natural home decor revalues the old and the vintage. In this sense, it encourages the fusion of decorative elements from the past and seeks to reuse rather than buy. Elements such as plastic and galvanised metal disappear in the face of unique objects, taken from flea markets or family memories such as marble tables, antique mirrors and sewing machines. Wallpapers with endless pattern possibilities are another way to fuse this style, from plant themes to soft geometric wallpapers.


Combina todos estos recursos y ¡da a tu casa un auténtico look Earthy! DCombine all these resources and give your home an authentic Earthy look! Take a look around our website and find many more inspirational ideas on decoration trends here.