During the last year and a half we have spent more hours at home than in our entire lives. A reality that has made us take a new awareness about the home, the use of its spaces and the importance of decoration to create a modern house.

Undoubtedly, modern home design shows on Netflix and social media content such as Instagram or Pinterest have also contributed to this new look. Do you need to give a real twist to your home? At Decommunity we unveil some of the essential elements to succeed with the latest trends in decoration and architecture.

What does a modern home look like?

A modern house knows how to merge different styles to enhance the best of each one. Currently, industrial style, brutalism, Hygge and Zen trends, Feng Shui inspiration, minimalism, eco-sustainability or the inclusion of biophilic design with natural materials play an essential role in the design of modern houses.

Sometimes these trends combine with each other to achieve truly avant-garde solutions. However, the most curious thing is that all these decoration trends have small connections with each other. And that is what we want to show you: the essence of interior design in modern houses.

1. A modern house breaks up spaces

If you think back, you may remember that in your grandparents’ house there could be two different living rooms, several small bedrooms and certainly many, many hallways. Now we live in another universe, where modern home design focuses on simplicity and minimalism. That is why trends such as the loft and the open concept are triumphing thanks to their open and diaphanous spaces, where walls and corridors are eliminated to get more living space. 

If you analyze well the pictures of modern houses inside you will realize that many have the kitchen open to the dining room, others incorporate rooms inside the living room and even some have the bathroom integrated in the center of the house thanks to opaque glass panels. Dare to throw those walls and renew the look of your home!

2. Good lighting in modern houses is essential

Modern home lighting makes the most of the latest technological innovations. Currently, LED rails and profiles on walls, recessed light screens, as well as mobile tubular projectors on ceilings are very popular. LED downlights and colored designer lamps are a very trendy way of creating special atmospheres and are used in many modern home interior designs.

Natural lighting also plays a specific role. The final ambience of the house will depend on how well it is used. We recommend you to enhance the entry of natural light with simple tricks such as: include glass walls, install skylights or create a suitable mirror system inside your home.

3. Modern houses inside incorporate industrial touches 

I’m sure you’ve already noticed: industrial is trendy. The rawness, vintage look and craftsmanship of this type of decoration does not reconnect with our cultural heritage. In addition, industrial touches go very well with the aesthetics of recycling and eco-sustainability. For this reason, it is currently the basis of many projects for modern home decoration. 

The use of exposed materials in interiors is an essential part of this trend. Among them, concrete stands out. Its application in both its polished and rough finish is part of different types of flooring for modern homes and is increasingly being incorporated into walls. In any case, bare walls with no gloss or with bricks, wooden beams, as well as raw or even rusted metal elements in pillars, hangers and guides also stand out within the industrial style.

4. The decoration of modern houses breathes art.

If you take a look at the interior designs of modern homes it will be almost impossible not to find art hanging from their ceilings, decorating the walls or in a prominent space. Canvases, sculptures, silkscreen prints, illustrations, vinyl collages, street art, designer wallpapers, light installations, antiques… the possibilities are endless. Well-chosen artistic objects reinforce the personality of any space.

Remember that even you yourself can be inspired by simple designs to paint your walls and give them an artistic touch. In recent years there are several colors that are setting trends: sky blue, mustard yellow, old pink, dudoir red and terracotta are some of them. The only important thing is that both your walls and the rest of the decoration details have a balance, breathe and play in an interesting way with each other.    

5. A modern house integrates nature

Sustainability is not a fad: it’s here to stay because we all need it. In line with it, vertical gardens, plants and home gardens have become a must in modern home interior design. 

If you take a look at the inner courtyard of a modern house it is very likely to be glazed. And what is certain is that in its center it will integrate trees and plants, whether natural or preserved. Some designers and interior designers have taken this trend to the extreme and trees have become part of the rooms themselves – and what about the Nordic treehouse trend!聽

Whatever your space, plants such as Red Anthurium, Maranta Leuconeura, Montsera Deliciosa, Palms, Cacti, Crasas and Ceropegias always dress up any corner and bring a relaxing touch.

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