Every part of our home has to be designed to create a relaxed atmosphere and to increase that feeling of warmth and well-being that makes you feel “comfortable” at home. It is important in the decoration for bathrooms, however small it is, you have to find the perfect balance with small details. 

Bathroom decorating ideas 

All white

Simplicity and minimalism is what will give you the most sense of well-being and peace. The color white generates feelings of calm and relaxation. Visually it reminds us of purity, order and cleanliness. Therefore, it is a safe bet for decoration for bathrooms! 

Of course, if total white is not your thing, there are colors that complement white and give it the harmony you are looking for. For example, stone gray is a color that goes perfectly with white, and also gives it an elegant touch. You can give it small details in gray by painting the front of a cabinet, the baseboards or a shelf. And don’t forget the must-have white and gray marble for the countertop – super chic! 

The most trendy for your furniture 

When choosing your bathroom furniture, don’t just look for a beautiful and aesthetic design, but also for the functionality of the object. The perfect balance! Don’t overload yourself with too much furniture if you have a small bathroom, sometimes less is more. 

Trend alert! If you are undecided, we suggest the latest trend: bathroom furniture without handles and in glossy white. They are very comfortable, with a slight pressure of your finger the doors will open as if by magic. It is focused on the decoration for bathrooms with a more Scandinavian design, which totally combine with the oasis of well-being you are looking for. 

Another trendy to decorate your bathroom are the oval furniture, especially for modern homes, which usually have a very small space and are also super stylish. Pair it with a pampas grass with an oval vase as well, a perfect combination! 

Give importance to quality 

Something that will make you comfortable in your bathroom, is the quality that you provide to what we use daily in it, such as the shower tray or screens, among others. 

If you have doubts between a bathtub or shower and you have a lot of space, we advise you not to choose, stay with both options! But if, on the other hand, space is limited, the best option is the shower tray. Besides the fact that they are trendy and safer, comfortable and cleaner. Look for one with a soft and natural touch, that will really provide luxury and wellness assured. 

But if that’s not enough and you want to maximize your comfort, we suggest a shower column with special functions. Do you know what it’s like to have a spa in your own bathroom? One of the 7 wonders of the world for sure! Small massages with different waterfall effects, for endless experiences. Just try to find one with a high-flow sprayer and one that is ergonomic, i.e. comfortable, efficient and productive. 

And don’t forget the shower enclosure, whether in bathtub or shower tray, it will be of great help in achieving a more elegant touch in the bathroom. In addition, it will give you more security by preventing falls and floods. 

Be conscious with nature

Small details make the difference, so when we talk about something as simple as a shower faucet, we not only have to take into account how it looks visually, but its efficiency thinking about the environment and the future. How is this possible? Thanks to water-saving faucets, they avoid wasting such a precious natural resource as water, reducing the impact of human consumption on the planet. And not only that, but they will also produce less electricity consumption at home. 

And don’t think that being efficient means that the design is less eye-catching, nowadays most designs are fashionable and will bring a select touch to the bathroom, or on the contrary, you can opt for a faucet with a more modern design. Save water with style! 

Wellness touches

Once we have all the essentials of bathroom decoration, we have to make it our own with small touches of personality. The ideal is not to overload the bathroom, since the space is small and visually simple decoration is necessary. But there are elements that will provide you with well-being and design instantly. 

For example, plants such as fern or sansevieria that will give a zen touch that according to feng shui, helps to purify the air and give life to your decor. Another decorative detail are the scented diffusers, there are certain aromas such as lavender or roses that relax the mind, reduce depression and relieve stress. This is an oasis of well-being! 

The importance of light

As in all homes, having good natural lighting is key, the sun is life and natural light helps to strengthen our immune system positively. But if the sun does not accompany your bathroom, the best thing to do is to install a good LED lighting system. This way you will not have a high consumption and you will be able to see the real comfort inside your bathroom. 

Now You already have all for the decoration of bathrooms, get to work and make your bathroom a unique place. Remember to follow our community @decommunity_ to get daily inspiration. Go for it!