Get inspired by these rooms decorated in black and white and discover how contrasts enhance the beauty of different spaces

Like opposite poles attract each other without remedy, so are black and white. An irresistible binomial that evokes sensations of magnetic polarity: day and night, light and dark…

The use of contrast when decorating in black and white, creates sensations that magnify the virtues of the space, but also highlights any shortcomings. So while a bet on this combination may seem safe and ever trendy, it does require some skill.

Let’s walk through some rooms decorated in black and white together and explore how to masterfully marry these colors.

Two colors, infinite opportunities…

Contrary to what it may seem, limiting ourselves to the use of black and white in the decoration of a room, we can discover infinite opportunities.

These rooms are a clear example that the execution, the taste in choosing the pieces and the savoir faire are decisive.

Although this is a narrow range of color, there are no colors more versatile than black and white.

As pure colors, they allow the play of shapes, textures and patterns that would be impossible in any other palette.

B/W and color scale…

When decorating rooms in black and white, if we want to soften the contrasts, we can rely on the grayscale.

In the middle ground of our binomial, we find an eclectic grayscale that can help us to create ideal effects.

Grey is able to harmonize B/W spaces by exerting a transitional effect.

Crystal, the perfect ally when decorating in black and white

If we are looking for that plus for our bicolor decoration, we must choose glass…

This will add richness to the room without affecting the color contrast created and without overloading it.

Transparent, it is our favorite non-color to combine with black and white…

The quintessential B/W room…

Although as we have seen the combination of black and white looks perfect anywhere in the house, the youth rooms decorated in black and white are true gems.

decorating in black and white

Bicolorism brings personality to young people’s rooms, leaving the door open to improvisation and creativity.

A clean base on which to build tastes and apply changes. Thus the room grows at the pace at which the people who inhabit it do…

Black and white are perfect because of their ability to integrate different elements, textures and colors.

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