Dark tones close to black are a trend, but sometimes we find it difficult to incorporate them into our decoration for fear that they will make spaces look smaller or go out of fashion too quickly. That is why the most important interior design colour trend is dark grey almost black, as it is still as deep as the deepest black without being as shocking, helping to create more serene and sophisticated spaces. 

Dark grey almost black is a smoky tone, with a lot of texture, that has the ability to contrast with all types of colours, including white, which allows it to add depth to spaces, highlighting any piece of decoration. 

It is a multi-faceted colour. When mixed with other neutral tones such as white or grey, it softens its effect, but if it is combined with cooler shades such as green or blue, the result is more contemporary and modern. However, the combination of grey with warm tones results in sophisticated, cosy and modern atmospheres. 

Interior Design colour trends: the trendiest colour combinations

Grey has the ability to highlight the potential of the colours that accompany it. In this way, by combining it with bright and cheerful colours, we achieve the right dose of elegance, functionality and originality, while if we combine it with colours from the same range, we create relaxed and cosy atmospheres, which we can also enhance by adding warm materials such as wood. 

These are the winning colour combinations in decoration this season: 

Grey and wood

In this combination, grey provides the elegant and sophisticated touch, while wood gives the atmosphere the warmth that grey lacks. To complete a perfect interior design, it is recommended to add textures to increase the warmth, such as plaids or rugs, for example. 

Grey and pink

Pink makes grey emanate romanticism and delicacy, while the coldness of grey reduces the cheesiness that pink tones can sometimes evoke. In this case, adding other shades such as green, silver or brown adds warmth and makes the space more welcoming. 

Grey and yellow

Yellow is one of the colours that best combines with grey, as it is the perfect base for this warmer shade to bring joy and character. 

Grey and white

Grey together with white manages to create very elegant and sophisticated atmospheres, providing just the right amount of warmth to make the home a more welcoming place. 

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