Colors are the spark and the essence of all decoration, they are the ones that provide character when we want to build a space that speaks for itself. The primary, the secondary, the matte, the plain… all of them communicate something, and that is why we must pay special attention when we want to play or innovate with them; because putting together colors that do not combine can be the end of their magic. Do not join the chaos when decorating and really discover in this article what combination of beautiful colors combine with each other.  

When we configure a space we should treat our design task as a safe in which a succession of combinations will lead us to perfection and will offer us an optimal performance, as well as an ideal harmony to our environment. In the search for that perfect mix we will find furniture, floors, walls and other elements to which we must put in tune. Following some key concepts and taking into account the trends of the style we want to apply, this can become a very easy task.

What are the colors that match each other?

The combination of beautiful colors means to build a balance between all of them; it is to achieve a balance that works so that both their tonalities and the sensations they transmit do not generate chaos.. An example of the potential of a good combination of colors is the rainbow, with its chromatic range of 7 colors, has a power of attraction and admiration for anyone who appreciates it.

But as we want to discover more of this chromatic world we bring you the most current palettes of shades whose combinations of beautiful colors will guarantee you a professional result in your decoration projects. 

A trio of colors to match: pink, blue, yellow  

As in love, in design there are colors that are destined to be together and whose combination is ideal. This combination of colors is a clear example of this phenomenon because they can facilitate our task when we need to create optimistic, relaxed and stimulating spaces.  Between the energy and vitality provided by yellow, the warmth and illusion of pink and the complement of harmony and balance that incorporates the blue, get a perfect formula (2 warm colors + 1 cold).

These, when applied to the different elements of a room, add a very enriching touch that has just the right amount of cheesiness and intensity.

Combination of color + black: a sure hit!

If you have doubts about what color combinations to apply in your living room, bedroom or any room in your home, you can opt for a classic but very effective color palette: color + black.

Popularly it is said that “black goes with everything” and this saying is not without reason, because adding black as a nuance to any color, we get a match that will generate contrasts and have a more homogeneous finish throughout the space.  Undoubtedly, we find ourselves with a safe option that has sophisticated results and that will not allow us to fail.

Breaking the mold with a very trendy duo: pink and blue  

By accident or not, pink and blue are colors that have proven to work very well when mixed. Their properties complement each other perfectly despite the fact that at first sight they may not seem like a reliable or traditional combination, but by playing with their shades and different textures you can achieve very interesting outfits that denote fun and casualness. 

This is a clear example that innovation can be the precedent of great trends and even the establishment of new models in interior design.

For lovers of color combinations: neutrality + nuances  

If you run away from monotony and you like constant changes, this is a formula that can help you. Basically we would define a base with neutral colors in the general spaces to add our doses of color with more seasonal elements such as pillows, cushions, blankets, side tables or decorative elements such as candles and vases. A basic with our personal touch that allows us to constantly innovate. In addition, in the event that a color is no longer trendy, it offers us the possibility to update it quickly. 

Well combined, many are more: yellow, white, gray, pink.  

It is true that many color choices can be difficult to balance and we can be overcome by the situation, but on certain occasions, you can achieve a harmony that conveys joy, energy and above all sophistication. If there are colors that combine to paint walls, those would be white, yellow, gray and pink.

The white color applied to the walls brings sobriety to the rooms and gives them more amplitude and height. If to this composition we add yellow with its warmth, we achieve a chromatic balance that enhances the light. If we finish this combination of colors with gray and pink in the details, we will bring a final dose of depth to achieve a very successful and very cozy conglomerate. 

In short, we can only say one thing: LONG LIVE COLORS! Why? Because they add great value when composing and creating unique spaces- So let’s review a series of tips and keys that will facilitate your decorating tasks and avoid the frustration of not knowing how to combine colors: 

– Play with all their textures and shades, but always remember that we must keep harmony when creating.  

– We tend to do this; but remember that you do not always have to overload the elements of your environment. First define what you want the space to convey and, according to that, add the corresponding colors.  

– Don’t be afraid to take risks as long as you have a goal in mind and what you propose has a foundation.  

– Use the chromatic circle to define which colors are complementary and harmonious by nature.  

– If the most innovative is complicating your life, go back to more traditional colors and apply bolder color notes that make a difference. 

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