It’s never too late to give your home a coat of paint. Whether it’s new or you want to remodel it, the colors to decorate the walls will totally define your decorating style. So, don’t miss out on the interior colors we have thought of to give every part of your home that special touch of yours. Stay tuned! 

What colors to decorate the walls define you?

Tell us what you look like and we’ll tell you what color you need! The tones vary according to personality, but all of them are a success. So, we have selected the trendiest colors for walls according to the style that most defines you. 

Think if you鈥檇 like something more sophisticated and elegant, or you鈥檙e more of the freshness of the Mediterranean or, on the contrary, if you don鈥檛 want complications and you鈥檙e more of a safe bet, neutral tones are for you. 

Whatever it鈥檚, in Decommunity we鈥檝e compiled the selection of the most fashionable colors to decorate the walls. Now the decision is yours… listen to your mood!

Colors to decorate walls: when elegance is the protagonist

If sophistication defines you, intense interior colors are the ones that will give the magic touch to your rooms. 

Have you heard of petrol blue? One of the latest trends in wall decorating colors. Elegant, distinguished and original. An oscillation between blue and green, which will look great on any wall in your home.

What colors do we combine it with? Our best options are the mustard and kettle touches, with a super original and vibrant result, as well as select. Also choose textures such as rattan or vegetable fibers. Likewise, gold decorations are also a hit for our beloved petrol blue. And if you don鈥檛  know where, the living room will be an ideal place to bet on this color. 


For the most passionate and seductive, the burgundy color is a safe bet for a bedroom wall or a small office. Do you know where it comes from? It derives from the French wine “bordeaux“, and no wonder because… Is there anything more sensual than a French red wine?  

Intense interior colors need to be combined with neutral colors such as soft earth tones. The purpose of this contrast is to discourage the intensity of the hue and not to detract from the color of love. And if you鈥檙e a bit daring, you can create a unique composition by adding decorative details in soft gray, pale pink or even coral colors. As for the ideal materials for this color, brown or white woods stand out, but in small doses.

Siyan Peng

This color will give your room a lot of visual strength, as it manages to create elegant environments with character and personality, like good wine. 

Fresh feeling on the wall

If you are the joy of the orchard and you identify more with colors to decorate the walls fresh, bright and with a markedly cheerful character that take you to a sunny summer … These are your colors!

One of the things that define the Mediterranean are olives, and this is where our olive green color comes from. A very versatile shade that can bring sobriety and freshness at the same time. It reminds us of nature, so it will instantly make your room breathe peace and serenity.

Although it may not seem like it, bluish or mustard yellow tones in any of their ranges are more than adequate to generate pleasant combinations with the Mediterranean green. If you want to add something warm and innovative to the decoration, the colors marsala (very soft red wine), purple and even powder pink can be good companions, each one will bring a different and unique style. 

As for materials and textures, being such a flexible color, any option is good. We bet on olive green kitchens, with a rustic wood companion. And remember, it鈥檚 recommended that these combinations include light colors such as off-white, to give an extra touch of brightness to the decor. 

Another color to decorate the walls that causes us serenity and relaxation at the moment, is the mauve color in its soft tone, for example the Iris Mauve. Associated with spirituality and creativity, it鈥檒l create cheerful rooms, full of optimism and positive energy. 

The ideal union is with white, but it also goes perfectly with the same range: gray, shades of white or off-white. The goal isn鈥檛 to subtract the brightness and freshness of mauve, so if you want to give it an extra touch in black, it鈥檒l become more sober, but on the contrary the turquoise blue well used will be bright. 

It’s one of the most popular colors for decorating walls in bedrooms, both for adults and children, but you can also risk using it in bathrooms. The recommended decoration will be white, but to give it a touch a little more groundbreaking, you can add yellow in small touches or pastel pinks. As for textures, how about velvet? A sure bet! 

Powerful neutrality

If you鈥檙e one of those people who are overwhelmed by routine or indecision, we advise you to choose neutral colors for your interior wall, they never get boring and go with everything! 

The power of white, the color par excellence, always sets the trend, no matter how many years go past. It doesn’t matter what decorative style you want, because it goes with everything. Although if Scandinavian decoration calls you, don’t think about it…. Go all white! 

Thanks to this color you will gain amplitude in any part of the home, it鈥檚 synonymous with light and gives play to create new combinations with other shades that will bring joy to your home.

Our bet is to combine it with more white. Simple? Not at all! The cold white color will give you double the luminosity and will make your home more calm, as well as large. Go for white furniture, curtains and details with crochet textures, such as a blanket or macram茅. Why not? Go for white! 

And if you aren鈥檛 convinced, you can give it a small dose of decoration in black or gray, if you want something more sober, or light tones such as beige, marfin or wood for more warmth. 

And last but not least, another kind of colors to decorate neutral walls is gray. Ideal for creating a multitude of different atmospheres and shades, just choose which color is your favorite and apply it to any part of your home. Super versatile! 

Our favorite combinations for this tone, whether light or dark gray, are black or white colors. But you can also add small decorative details in pink ranges such as lemonade, rouge or flamingo; or in toasted shades such as almond or sand, which will give you an explosion of innovation and dynamism throughout your room. Daring is power! 

Once you know which are the colors for interiors that define you the most, you will have to give it the decorative touch that you like the most.

If you don’t know which one, we’ll tell you about the decoration trends that will break this year and ten tips that will make your home a happier place. Don’t miss anything and follow us in our community @Decommunity!