Quarantine has brought about an evident change in the perception of the home, placing value on the fundamental place it has in our lives. So much so, that the humanization of spaces through objects that evoke memories and happy moments has become a necessity, with the aim of making them more authentic and honest. This is what in decoration has been called the Cluttercore trend

Tik Tok has cradled and made this trend popular through videos of users showing their home on the platform, using the hashtag #Cluttercore, which has already accumulated 8.7 million views. 


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Specifically, it is about betting on maximalism without taboos, exhibiting furniture, souvenirs and objects of all kinds that turn the space into a more familiar and close place. 

Are we, therefore, facing the death of minimalism? In a certain way yes, since the Cluttercore claims the exhaustion towards visual sanity, decorative containment and strict organization of the house that had been imposed aesthetically so far. 

Cluttercore room: keys to join the trend

Cluttercore goes beyond decorative barriers and enters the dimension of feelings and emotions, turning the home into a living archive of memory. 

Cluttercore rooms are absolutely personal spaces, decorated according to the taste of their owners, without rules and without aesthetic impositions. 

The term Cluttercore is created through the union of the words Clutter and Core, so we are not talking about the accumulation of random objects, but rather about a lovingly organized disorder that allows people to surround themselves with the things that make them happy and bring them a certain peace of mind.  

In this sense, in a Cluttercore style home, exaggeration predominates, but not everything goes, it is necessary to take into account a series of aspects:

  • Arrangement of objects
  • Coherent chromatic range
  • Freedom of movement in the spaces

Therefore, some of the essential resources for a Cluttercore decoration are: 

  • Abusive use of cushions, blankets and rugs.
  • Sideboards and shelves filled with ceramic figurines and souvenirs
  • Walls covered with paintings and photographs

In this way, it will be possible to create comfortable and convenient rooms that maximize the search for the nest effect.

Origin of Cluttercore

This decorative trend is considered to be strongly influenced by the Victorian decor in which thickly woven curtains blocked the light and rooms were filled with large dark furniture. 

During the Victorian era, the industrial revolution began mass manufacturing, so wealthier households acquired a taste for displaying piles of objects in their showcases and sideboards as a sign of prestige and economic power. 

This habit is inherited to the Cluttercore style, although for reasons more linked to longing, melancholy and the need to make the home a space in which to always feel accompanied. 

Cluttercore vs Cottagecore

As a decorative reference, it is inevitable to relate this decorative trend with the Cottagecore style related to a lifestyle based on cozy and country clutter. 

The result, in this case, are friendly and green spaces, with plants as an essential part and a bucolic and romantic decoration. 

Undoubtedly, decorative styles evolve according to the needs of people, who nowadays need more than ever to be connected with their experiences, also at home. The Cluttercore trend is just one evidence of this. 

Post image by @sigbergamin