Christmas is here! Strolling through the streets has become a path of lights, stores have caught the Christmas spirit and houses have been filled with illusion and Christmas decorations.

These are special dates that neither adults nor children want to miss. That is why, when it comes to decorating our home, we all pitch in. Who doesn’t like to spend a Sunday with the family preparing Christmas at home?

But, Christmas decoration is not only about decorating the tree, the fireplace and a table in the living room, but there are more spaces in which we can use our imagination.

Do you know how you are going to decorate your Christmas table? Centerpieces, vases, flowers, napkins and many decorations… Do you want to know how to have the most trendy Christmas table decoration? We tell you!

Trends in Christmas table decoration

From what we have been able to verify, it seems that this year’s trends are betting on authenticity. That is why one of the most popular trends is the natural Christmas.

The one that uses natural materials with bright colors and shades related to nature, such as terracotta or green.

However, with the return of traditions, the classic style has also gained much prominence this year.

For this we can count on garlands and artificial wreaths that can help you create a beautiful centerpiece. 

Spread a garland along the table and intersperse some pretty candelabra, Christmas ornaments or a garland of lights.

You can also add small cups or vases with poinsettias, the Christmas plant, for a very traditional centerpiece!

On the other hand, in 2021 the classic style is reinvented with vintage, rustic and glamorous decoration influences. So, among the colors in trend this year are: red, green, white and gold.

Another trend in Christmas table decoration, which is coming on strong is the so-called “Polar Wave“. It is about using the color blue and white to decorate.

Blue is the color that reminds us of the cold and white of snow, so by mixing both colors we can create Christmas tables with a lot of personality.

The vintage mid-century style (this style refers to the period of the mid-20th century) is also among this year’s Christmas table decoration trends. It consists of bringing out grandma’s napkin rings, small china plates and tablecloths with floral or geometric prints.

The exotic style, perhaps recommended for the most daring, also prevails among the trends of Christmas dining table decoration.

Exotic materials such as rattan and bamboo are mixed and matched with dark and unsaturated colors. Of course, try not to mix more than 3 colors to maintain a balanced design and not too overloaded.

How was Christmas decoration born?

Christmas decoration began in ancient Egypt when the Egyptians introduced plants in their homes during the winter solstice. Greenery was a symbol of hope and comfort during the cold days and long nights.

Centuries later, trees representing Adam and Eve’s paradise were incorporated into plays performed in German churches.

Devout Christians eventually incorporated these ornate trees inside their homes to celebrate the birth of Jesus at Christmas.

Centuries later, a legend linked to Luther began to circulate. The story goes that, on his way home at night, Luther saw a shooting star in the sky.

Excited by the majesty of the stars, he wanted to represent that brightness inside his house and added small candles to a tree that he cut down from his garden.

Later, in the year 1882 Edward H. Johnson, saw an opportunity to make Christmas trees even more spectacular by attaching 80 red, white and blue bulbs with string to place around his tree.

Christmas decorating, as you can see, has been written about for centuries and is still with us with great fervor.

We want to take this opportunity to give you some ideas on how to decorate your Christmas table this year, let’s see it!

Inspo for decorating your Christmas table聽

1. All in gold!

To make our table shine, the color that should not miss is gold. It is one of the protagonists at this time if we want to enjoy an elegant Christmas table decoration.

Choose tableware, cutlery, glassware, candlesticks and decorative objects in gold.

To highlight the gold color more, opt for a navy blue tablecloth, it is the perfect combination for an elegant table, which will surely dazzle all your guests.

2. White and crystal with pine boughs

Artificial pine branches sold with a snowy effect are a good option to create a Christmas centerpiece. However, if you prefer natural pine you can spray it with a white spray.

The market is full of sprays that achieve the effect of snow, both in trees and in centerpieces.

For more sophistication opt for green, white, colored or transparent glass and metallic details such as mother-of-pearl, silver, bronze or gold.

3. A centerpiece with candle and red berries

This centerpiece is very traditional, but, as we have already mentioned, the traditional is still in trend and a centerpiece with a candle and a base formed by red berries is ideal for a colorful Christmas.

4. Classic centerpieces

The classic style is also still on trend, so an example of a classic table could have as protagonists the golden tones and glass.

One option is to place in the center of the table an arrangement decorated with green leaves and flowers with interspersed turned candlesticks. Add some golden or crystal Christmas balls and you will have a Christmas centerpiece.

The most beautiful Christmas table has to have a centerpiece that can also go all the way around the table. If you want to discover more about Christmas decorations you can do it here.聽