This wonderful hotel located on the Greek island of Ios, has become the new trending destination on Instagram

The Hotel Calilo in Ios, Greece, is the new must-see pilgrimage spot for instagramers and travel bloggers, and it is for so many reasons, we’ve decided to tell you about it in this article.

Join us to discover one of the most photogenic and spectacular hotels of the moment.

Hotel Calilo: Ios, a postcard setting

Everything adds up when it comes to making travelers fall in love. So while the appeal of the Calilo Hotel is undeniable, the island of Ios only enhances the desire to stay here

An idyllic setting for a vacation, with the bucolic Greek landscapes as the backdrop to the experience.

Who could resist such scenery?

isla de Ios Grecia
Fuente: Johnny Chen

The Calilo Hotel is located in a protected natural area off the coast of the island of Ios. With native rock, the hotel has given life to luxurious suites and pools that delight its guests and their smartphones, which will not be able to stop photographing such beauty.

The suites at Hotel Calilo seem to be taken from another planet…

Suite Hotel calilo Grecia
Fuente: Hotel Calilo

Rub your eyes, check that you are not dreaming and get ready to enjoy a true paradise on earth.

At Calilo, marble is the real protagonist in the bedrooms and bathrooms. This noble material brings elegance and comfort, helping to keep the room naturally cooled.

Suite Hotel calilo Ios
Fuente: Hotel Calilo

Let’s discover its new suites…

Sea of Smiles and Passage to Love are the new and impressive suites with which Calilo has surprised us.

At Sea of smiles, everything revolves around water. A swimming pool of more than 50 meters, an outdoor natural rock shower…

Piscina hotel calilo grecia

We are convinced that this will not be the last time you will see a photograph of these beautiful pools.

And after a refreshing and relaxing swim, how about a nap on this amazing hanging bed?

On the other hand, we have the Passage to Love suite. This is ideal for couples looking for the romantic getaway of a lifetime. A corridor of 8 meters above the water, leads to an indoor pool, located inside a cave. Romance and intimacy in its purest form.

suite pasaje al amor hotel calilo grecia
Fuente: Hotel Calilo

To see the spaces and rooms of the Calilo Hotel, is to discover that we had not even dreamed of such a wonderful place.

Recognized hotel: the Calilo already has several Hotel of the Year 2021 awards

In addition to enjoying great popularity on Instagram, the Calilo Hotel has been recognized with different Greek Hotel of the Year 2021 awards: “Best Pool”and “Best Hotel on the Coast”.

An Instagramer hotel if ever there was one, the Calilo is sure to continue to reap success.

Pack your bags…

If you haven’t decided where to spend your vacation yet, I’m sure #calilo search on Instagram, will help you make the decision.

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