Bathroom House: A bathtub is the main protagonist of this apartment renovation project in Tokyo designed by Design Studio NAO. The goal of this renovation, requested by the owner,  was to transmit ‘An Essence of Japan’, a space where you can feel Japan for a place that could also potentially serve as bed & breakfast accommodation.

To help visualize that Japanese spirit, Design Studio NAO decided to place a big bathtub in the middle of the space, from which the rest of the design is focused. 

From this idea, they designed a space that literally centers on a bathtub, where the bathroom can be a living room, a dining room and a kitchen. 

An innovative and different design that focuses on the bathtub to transmit the widespread and respected Japanese tradition of bathing. As the designer, Nao Tokuda, explains to us, “the idea was based on my own life experience in Europe, where I have missed the bathing ritual more than even sushi”. 

He’s convinced that the bathroom is the space where you can feel Japan most in an apartment and that’s why the bathtub is so important in this project. Is positioned within a large, open plan kitchen and living area. From the bathtub guests could enjoy an incredible and stunning view of Tokyo’s skyline. 

Bathing: popular on Japanese daily culture

As Tokuda explained, “even extremely tiny and cheap apartments have their own bathroom and bathtub in Japan”. The idea of this project is based on his own experience when he moved to Europe. “What surprised me the most was when I moved to Denmark and 80% of apartments don’t have a bathtub”, said the designer. Then I realized that bathing culture is actually very Japanese.

The result of this experience is this amazing renovation project, based on Japanese Minimalism which he discovered from outside of Japan. “I think I would not be able to create this style without my own European life experience”, explained Tokuda to this magazine.

The Essence of Japan: simple aesthetics

The interior design style that defines this project is Japanese minimalism, which is characterized by simple aesthetics and samurai soul. Although the bathtub is the most highlighted aspect of this apartment, also is the bold layout plan with simple material combinations.

To the rear of the living space, there is also a small toilet and shower room. The shower remains somewhat open to the rest of the accommodation thanks to glass doors. Is also remarkable the master bedroom, connected to an amazing and generous terrace. 

The whole project feels like one continuous space, what makes this apartment perfect for Tokyo visitors who would like to enjoy the real essence of Japan.

Bathroom House
Bathroom House
Bathroom House
Bathroom House bedroom by Design Studio Nao
Bathroom House bedroom by Design Studio Nao
Bathroom House bedroom by Design Studio Nao
All pictures by Design Studio NAO

Project Information:

Title: Bathroom House

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Designers: Design Studio NAO

Project Area: 56.6m2 + 13.3m2 terrace space

Typology: Interior Design

Design year: 2020

Description: This is an apartment renovation project in Tokyo.