Since 2001, the Andreu World company has been holding it’s major international design competition, and this year the new edition could not be missed, to allow us to enjoy the freshness of young talent. 

The main objective is to support young product designers from all over the world and boost their professional careers. As well as enjoying the corresponding prizes offered by Andreu World.  

Meet Andreu World

Andreu World is a leading seating and table company, as they say: “crafted with passion and a contemporary lifestyle”. 

This beautiful idea was started by Francisco Andreu Martí, who at the age of 17 carried on the family legacy of a small cabinet-making workshop to become the international company it’s today. He has always remained faithful to his commitment to design and sustainability. It’s commitment is to carry out eco-designs, always thinking of a responsible production, optimised without leaving aside the originality of the product and the quality. Thus promoting an improvement in the life cycle of both the product and society as a whole. As we will see below, these are the main characteristics of its competition. 

Andreu World

Sustainable Design, the theme of this edition

The international company is committed to sustainable design, as from the outset they have been committed to a manufacturing culture based on responsibility and environmental sustainability. They also work with sustainable wood obtained from reforested wood. Furthermore, it’s certified and has the FSC ® certificate (Forest Stewardship Council). 

The contestants can work with wood, as it’s the most environmentally friendly material, or they are free to choose other innovative components from sustainable sources, such as natural stone or aluminium, among others. Creativity at its best!

But not only the material is important for sustainable design, but also other manufacturing processes such as low emissions, energy consumption or durability, etc. 

So if you’re a participant and give your design a cultural enrichment or other eloquent social criteria, get ready for the podium!

Winning pieces from the 19 editions of the competition.

Submission of ideas for the Andreu World International Design Competition 2021

If you are still thinking about whether or not to participate, please send your 1:5 scale prototype of the proposed piece and your technical memory of the project before 26 November. Both students and design experts are eligible for this prize. The concept of the competition is to present a sustainable seat and/or table design, with all the specifications that Andreu World sets out on its website in its briefing. Let’s get to work!

Andreu World

There are only five lucky winners who will be able to enjoy the prizes. First place will receive a bonus of €5,000, second place €2,500 and there will also be three special mentions of €1,000 each. 

And not only that, you can enjoy being chosen or simply have your art appreciated by an expert jury that has reached the top thanks to the passion and work they dedicate to their profession, obviously related to art, design, architecture and communication as they are: 

Paola Antonelli/ Curator at MoMA

Senior Curator of Architecture and Design at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), as well as the Director of its Research and Development department to create innovative projects in the world of design. 

Chantal Hamaide / Journalist, founder of Intramuros

Chantal Hamaide is one of the most influential women in the French design world. She created the magazine Intramuros, of which she is editor-in-chief and publishing director, where she discovers new talents, pays tribute to personalities through her portraits and anticipates new market trends.

Rafael de La-Hoz / Architect

Forerunner of modernisation and pioneer of design, architecture and sustainability. In addition to being the best Spanish architectural firm, with more than five hundred successfully completed architectural projects in his career.

Philippe Starck / Industrial designer

One of the world’s best-known industrial designers, as well as a driving force behind the modernisation of architecture, creating a new style we call “emotional design”. 

Brandon Gien / CEO Good Design Australia and WDO Chairman Emeritus

As well as being a director of the World Design Organization (WDO) he is a passionate advocate for the value of good design in improving our social, economic, cultural and environmental quality of life. 

Star collaboration, World Design Organization

Once the deadline has passed, the awards ceremony will take place on 9 December, which will coincide with a special event created in collaboration with the World Design Capital Valencia 2022 (a city selected by the WDO, which recognises cities for their effective use of design to stimulate economic, social, cultural and environmental development). An event full of artists, which aims to improve the quality of life of society, combining design, creativity and sustainability in one. 

Andreu World

In the meantime, if you are a participant, we invite you to register through the link of the Contest|21 . And if you are passionate about design, we invite you to discover all the trajectory that this great brand has behind it in its history section.